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St Michaels and the surrounding area

As I’ve said before, I like genealogy and am interested in how my ancestors lived.  Not so much for learning about names and dates but for using my ancestors as a focus for learning about history as it was lived by other people.  The fact that it is also a great excuse to travel doesn’t hurt either. 


This whole trip through Eastern Europe and Germany started because my husband and I discovered that we each had ancestors from Germany.  We decided to visit their home towns.  Today I visited the small town where my 4th great-grandmother was born in 1777.  There’s nothing in Freudenstadt, which is the nearest large town, older than 1945 (the town was leveled toward the end of WWII) and the original church in St Michaels, my great-grandmother’s town, seems to be gone too.

Black Forest pines
  It’s possible that the foundations are old but the town is very small so there was nobody to ask about town history.  Also no cemetery that I could find.  However the view across the river valley must be much the same as my many-greats-grandmother saw and the Black Forest pines are still there too.  I was probably the first English-speaking visitor the town had ever had since it appears on very few maps and is hard to get to.  I never would have gone there if not for researching my ancestors.  Now that is a great reason to take up genealogy.


My camera added to the emotion of the morning by falling out of its backpack onto the pavement and subsequently refusing to work.  It wouldn’t even power up or turn on.  I was truly devastated and my wonderful husband urged me to take it to a Freudenstadt camera shop to see if my camera could be fixed.

the best camera repairer ever
  It’s a Canon 20D and I knew any kind of repair would take months.  I’d already tried changing out the batteries and reinstalling the memory card, but nothing was working.  More to humor my husband than for any hope of getting the camera fixed, I agreed to go to the shop.  The camera expert (in the photo) looked at it, moved a few parts back and forth and it was fixed!!!!!  He said he didn’t really do anything and won’t take any money but my camera is definitely fixed.  This camera wizard is in downtown Freudenstadt if you ever need camera help.


The “Ausfahrt” sign photo is for friends who visited Germany with us some years ago.  The first time we drove on the Autobahn we kept seeing these signs and guessed that they were for a town named Ausfahrt.  It was obviously a very big town since we kept seeing the signs for a long time. . . . . .


And the Gummi Bears store photo is for all those who love Gummi Bears.

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St Michaels and the surrounding ar…
St Michaels and the surrounding a…
Black Forest pines
Black Forest pines
the best camera repairer ever
the best camera repairer ever
theres that town again
there's that town again
for all of my family members who l…
for all of my family members who …
St Michaels
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