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The first day is always the worst - in this case 15 hours of travel to get to the airport, to the next airport and to the final airport.  And also all the wait time for ticketing, screening,  and security checks.  All in all, way too much time to think about all the things I forgot to pack.  Anybody have any suggestions on whats really essential to bring?

Really wish I could just drive from USA to Romania . . . . 

It seems like I’ve been on this plane forever and I’m too uncomfortable to sleep. I’m awake and thinking about why I put myself thru this. I love to travel – obviously not for the comfort or for relaxation and not really for the sights. It’s for the effect of the unknown. Traveling doesn’t change who I am; it changes how I perceive things. I am pulled out of my comfort zone into an area where I’m not sure where things are or how things are done. Traveling causes a slight sense of unease, a heightened level of awareness. I have much sharper memories of people I meet while traveling – some of them I remember years afterward even if I only knew them for a few days or even hours. That same kind of recall never seems to occur with people I meet briefly in a familiar setting. This effect also happens with things I see. When traveling, I’m more sensitive to my surroundings. Life seems more vivid.

(This includes the vivid memory of paying $9 for a beer in the Miami airport.)

Eric says:
Good luck on your trip! Hope the security isn't too bad and keep us updated :)
Posted on: Sep 07, 2006
X_Drive says:
I have developed a spreadsheet checklist, and add and delete each trip so it's got everything now. It helps.
Posted on: Sep 03, 2006
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