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Santa Fe nov 11-13

Santa Fe is a little mountain town west of panama city. it is VERY small, with very few tourists. it is a beautful town to walk around in, beautiful vistas.
We took a swim in the river there, it was really beautiful. Got eaten up by sand flies that night. ah, so weak, very little blood left.....:-(

Birds seen in Santa Fe - social flycatchers, great tailed grackle, crimson-backed tanagers, blue gray tanagers, parrots, black vultures, woodpeckers, ruddy or short-billed pigeons.

Horseback is a popular mode of transport here. People who have horses but no land tether their horses by the side of the road or let them run at large. This can be a problem for those with gardens. There aren't alot of cars.

Roads mostly need 4x4s of which you see a few.

In town we saw three pickups full of people going to a soccer game, both players and spectators. They fix up their trucks with tops, so people can ride in the back. They must have won because a few hours later a ruck was going all around town, yelling jubulant guys cheering and banging drums. Another truck unloaded near us, we counted 21 people coming out of the back of the truck - a small truck with a small bed. A guy in town said this demonstrates their tolerance for body odor (!)

On saturday we took a hike to the orchid farm, but not many orchids were in bloom and the owner, Bertha, was not available to talk to us about birwatching or horseback riding. :-( But we went down the road a bit further and went down a very muddy trail to a beautiful mountain stream.

The refreshing swim was worth ruining our new white smeakers on the sloppy clay trail.

The next day (Sunday) we went hiking even though it was raining. It wasn't easy to find our way around and we never did find the waterfall we were trying to get to, just a really big chicken farm. The views of the mountains, however, were spectacular, although it was also a bit freaky as the locals kept appearing from trails, the men each carrying a large machete. So we stayed on the roads and off the trails. Didn't want to end up anywhere we weren't welcome. We learned later that they carry the machetes to keep the trails clear.

We got bit all over by tiny insects while sitting outside Hotel Santa Fe. People at the hotel were very nice and the room was only $13, although we only had cold water. It's been a while since I've had a cold shower.

Today (Monday) we left Santa Fe and caught the bus to Santiago, heading toward David. At one point the bus was pulled over and a government guy went through with what I would assume was a drug-sniffing dog. What surprised me was that it was a really cute cocker spaniel.

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Santa Fe
photo by: pam2who