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Source of the Buna (at Blagaj)
Mostar old town is still deserted at 9 am, including the Tourist Office where I hope to arrange an excursion. Too bad, maybe I'll head down to Dubrovnik for a brief visit then...
On my return to Rose, however, the husband of my helpful Hercegovinian host is willing to escort me to Blagaj and Pocitelj for €40. He doesn't speak English but I have my guidebook and we manage to communicate using a hodgepodge of at least 4 different languages!

Charming little village that gets its fare share of visitors thanks to the source of the river Buna. 43,000 turquoise litres per second spurt up from a cave in the limestone karst. Right beside this is a fascinating Ottoman house, the 500 year old home of a Sultan which is well worth exploring, or relaxing at as they serve a variety of juices.
There are various restaurants either side of the river and today their patios and chair legs are submerged thanks to the recent rains.
Mercifully, it is dry during my visit. There is a Norwegian/Bosnian fishfarm-cum-restaurant, plus the remains of some flour mills and a stonemasons house, all overlooked by a fort imposingly positioned on the skyline.

20km or so from Mostar this tiny town spills up the hillside. Stone streets wind upwards to the former Madrasa (now a restaurant), a lovely mosque (war damage restored and free to visit), and the battered ruins of a fort at the top - great for exploring inside and out, and getting fine views over the Neretva valley whilst the iman calls the faithful to prayer. Local folks sell delicious figs, dates, and apricots for €1 a handful.

I barely have time for food before the bus back to the capital so I accidentally enter a pizza place (ABC has decided to go international since the guidebook recommended them!), order a mean Siciliana, yum.
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Source of the Buna (at Blagaj)
Source of the Buna (at Blagaj)
photo by: EmEm