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Wed/Thursday Flying to Paris
By take off, the weather in Sydney had deteriorated to strong gales and squally rain. The United plane ahead of us had to wait for a break in the wind to take off. As we were on the taxiway, we were buffetted by the winds as if we were flying in Cloud and we were still stationary!

It was very rough over Australia. A few times the staff had to sit down. In some patches it was just like being on a rollercoaster. QF 5 was a 747-300, one of 4 left in the Qantas fleet. The in-flight entertainment was faulty so they got the movies working and one TV channel. At least the plane was empty so I got to spread out, but could not sleep.

So many wasted hous at Changi Airport. If it hadn't been for Qantas changing our flight again and again, we would not have had to wait for so very long. Changi has a new terminal which is HUGE! They have put in a few more "trains" for a total of 5. Mostly a big wank, as it takes more time to walk the length of the hall of T3 to the train then the 9 minute section that the train runs over. The most handy is the T3 to T2.
All the shops are the same in all three terminals but it helps to pass the time just walking. Up to Midnight, Sydney time I walked 10217 steps for a total of 7.25 km. Not bad for a person sitting on a plane for most of the day. In one store I asked for Lip liner and you would have thought that I suggested that I buy her daughter. She reacted more violently than the request required. Surprising thing was her lipstick had worn off and she needed a good retouch. Odd. I found some in my favourite tucked away supermarket.
When it was time to open the gate for boarding of AF 257, they were extremely strict about the economy people, using the only one gate so the plane was delayed leaving as people were still lined up to pass security. Silly All the VIPs had boarded.

AF257 is chockas! We are so cramped. Poor David got the middle seat and I got shoved in the window seat. Annoyed as it is one of those seats where you get neither window and are too far from the pillar to be comfortable.

I have been delighted with the service of the cabin crew. They are very friendly and some are trying to teach David a little french. Neither of us have had much sleep, the plane is too hot. Our part of the the cabin is at 25oC! (I was shown the console). We are now over the Black sea, if it wasn't dark, I could see Romania soon. 4 hours still to go. :(
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