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Avoiding bread has worked. Neither David or I have had issues since we quit eating it. Very sad though as Romania has great bread. I wonder what the additive it that upsets my system??
This morning, I stayed in bed whilst David returned to the train station to see if the logging train was running. Alas when he returned, it was with bad news. :( We gave up, packed the car and went for our included breakfast. You could have anything as long as it was eggs. More specifically, only omlettes. Hmm....No fruit, no hot chocolate and coffee that tastes like sludge.

Turning the car west, we headed to the Merry Cemetery at Săpânţa. As we entered Săpânţa, we saw a sign to a monatery, and remembered that Dan told us about the church with the supposed Tallest wooden structure in Europe. (75m) But as it has a stone base, there are many who dispute its staus. Frankly I don't care if it is or not. It is a tall spire. I was surprised to find this church was unfinished. Even the monatery building was not finished. The resident nun had the basement chapel open so we joined the other tourists. I understood nothing of her speech but we did have a good poke around.

At the Merry cemetery, which was only two blocks away from the wooden church, I was totally amazed at the crosses on the graves. They are just as in the book. (Der, yes I know..) It is 5 Ron to go in and 5 Ron for photos but you can't go and not take photos. Started by Ioan Star Pătraş when he started craving crosses for his church's cemetery. He painted them blue to represent Hope and freedom and then enscribed awitty epitaph to the deceased. He died in 1977 but his apprentice continues the tradition. These crosses are awesome. Some are very sad and even without being about to read the epitaph you can guess at how some people met their end, BUT I really wished I could have read them. :(

Drove to Baie Marie aand walked to the old city wall. We ended up walking around 6km but it was great to be out of the car and using my legs for what they were designed for. The fruit and Veg markets
were interesting and David found some lovely grapes. Much cheaper than Australia. :D

According to LP, the gold mine has in the past leaked Cyanide into the water of the city and therefore the water is not drinkable. Unfortunately, the mine is part owned by and Australian Company. Sad. :(

We saw lots of partially built churches. A country that has hundreds of Churches already but is sorely lacking in basic facilities, roads, transport and in some places, water and they spend millions on yet more churches. Its is all very puzzling. Does a community of 200 people need 3 or 4 churches?

We were due to spend the night at Dej but the road south of Dej was signposted as closed. The detour was 45km north of Dej and David didn't want to drive 45km south only to return 45km north to go south again. I can understand this, so we took the detour towards Cluj. We were hoping to find a hotel on the way somewhere. Would you believe it! When you want a hotel they are thin on the ground. We didn't find one! The closest one we saw was in the outskirts of CLuj. David was wrung out! Many small towns with cows as traffic makes for difficult driving.
David was exhausted so he just stopped in front a hotel. This one was in LP, and unfortunaltey it was correct. You get a lot of bill and little room. :( Barely any features but it was close to the centru. We dumped our stuff and went for a walk. In the centre of Cluj, there was a choreographed fountain, dancing with lights to classical music. I saw there meserised for a long time, just watching the water and then the lovers that strolled past. David was happy photographing the fountain. A good way to finish a long drive.
Found an unnamed cafe for a cheapish sort of meal.
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photo by: Marius1981