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Left Vaslui at 1130hrs. David took full advantage of our high speed internet to tide up emails and a bit of catch up. I just caught up with the written diary. Breakfast was slightly oily and has upset my poor digestive system.
Drove through a few towns and looked for a church/Castle that Dan recomended. We found a church and I took two photos from the street when a man stopped me. He said No photos..Y? I have no idea, it is advertised on the highway as a tourist place..He then walked down to the car where David was waiting. He wrote down the car's liscense plate number and tried to get David out of the car to go with him to the police station. When David refused, the man shouted at a young teen to go and get the police. The police were not there (No surprise) so the man indicated that he had our deatils and to leave the town. As we had no further interest in this town anyway, we left. It was all very puzzling. The man was sure I was an israley spy. Someone should tell him that communism is over in Romania. We then drove onwards to Iaşi (Yash) The scenery here could have been lovely if not for the polution. The smoke in the atmosphere makes it impossible to see very far and it is all the camera will pickup.
Iaşi is a very large city and we parked the car near the Palace of Culture. This was an impressive and very beautiful building but it was closed until 2011 for renovations :(

David remembered the LP mentioned a hotel designed by Gustave Eiffel. Built in 1882 a few years prior to the big tower in . Paris. This is next door to the Hotel Unirea which has 13 floors. A communtist hotel that has undergone extensive renovations, the cafe at the 13th floor has 360o views of the city and it was here that we collapsed for a fortifying coffee and pancakes. The service was very slow but the view was wonderful. It was a real shame about the polution.

On the way to back to the car, we passed some outstanding churches. One was very ornate but again under renovation, the other was a very odd round catholic church. I think the ornate one was the Moldavian Metropolitain Cathedral.

Returning to the car (Still safely where we left it), we tried to escape the city. Did drive past the walled monestry but the evening traffic was building up and getting back into the flow of traffic would have been difficult. We got lost once by being in the wrong lane at a round-a-bout but ferretted our way back to where we should have been with only one dead end.

Out on the 'Open' road, we passed a few towns with notable things butwith the dark fast apporaching, we could not easily find things, so we pressed on to Târgu-Neamţ. LP said there was a citadel of note and a reasonably priced hotel, so we decided to stop here for the night. The Hotel Arcaşului is cheap at 90RON and basic but the people are friendly or at least tolerant of tourists. Now off the main tourist trail..the hotel rooms are small, the shower is combined with the shower and sink (See photos) but we have Pay TV(In Romanian). The restaurant is cheap and there is no english menu. Using the stab in the dark method of ordering..David got chicken kebabs and I got two fillets of beef. My Random veggies were brocolli, carrots and potatoes. Excellent meals. We were due for a break.

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