Tuesday 28th October Curtea De Agres to Bran Via Poenari Fortress

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Woke up at 3am then 6am. David and I walked to Quarks to get food and OB. OB is good. (If you don't know the OB, it's a girl thing) I then had an omlette along as David went for "magic hour" photography. We had a proper breakfast a bit later. Off to Poenari fortress which is thought to be the real Vlad Castle. It has 1400 steps to get to it, but with my Ipod, I flew up these in 24 minutes. A marine did it in 15mins so I am happy with 24. :D Great for the thighs...We climbed down and visited the huge dam nearby.

Another 4 hr drive (or so) through hair raising windy roads...we got to see lots of little towns some very gothic type houses, mostly owned by Gypsies. ( I though I saw the real 1313 mocking bird lane house then the Addams Family one) David got lots of photos of the countryside and sucidal cows that climb cliffs to get to the road.

We arrived at Bran castle at 1601 hours only to find that the opening hours had changed and we had missed out. We wandered around the markets and David bought me a cardigan which is lovely and warm without being too heavy. I got some earmuffs and a t-shirt, but at 20Ron each, I am hoping a cheaper place will turn up as this to a bit too steep to buy for everyone.

David bought a phone sim card so we now have a working phone.

Nighttime was at a tourist trap ski resort called Cheile Gradistei Hotel. 3 star all fluff, no substance. Live wires on the balcony. The central heating was not working and gurgled all night. (Arrgh!!) We asked them to fix it and it was warmer for an hour then it died again.

Dinner was confusing, a few menus had differing prices for the same dish and the descriptions were not descriptive. (What is mashed Chicken? or mixed accompaniments?) Still the over priced food was excellent. They sold two Australian Wines but they were too expensive for me. We talked into the night.
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photo by: dardeb