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We awoke a bit later than we have been recently but still before any alarm went off. Sighisoara was under a dull light, but where the sun peeked through, the brightly painted buildings shone. The old town centre has no road surface, so when you walk around, you have to watch the uneven surface. An early morning walk before the crowds where we found some brightly covered buildings. It was with regret that we checked out of our comfortable hotel where the three star tariff was cheap, and we would like to return again.

Dan took us for a walk of the old town centre. We investigated the clock tower which had a lot of local historical relics dating back to Roman times. We enjoyed watching the clock mechanism work. At the very top of the tower you have a 360 degree view of Sighi?oara. We then looked at another tower which was part of the old wall which was built strangely - a pentagon, hexagon, octagon, then another hexagon looking from bottom to top. It must have been tough to build, but apparently the design gives better visibility than a circle. We then climbed to the top of the hill to a school, church and cemetery. Inside the church, the crypt was open for inspection, so we walked down into it. The tombs were all sealed with bricks. After we walked out, April and I wanted to look at the lovely cemetery on the hill, so we took a slight detour to this wonderfully restful place with a great view of the valley.

A little brown dog escorted us the whole way and only left us when we walked out of the gate. The only other highlight was some covered stairs to the top of the hill, designed so the children can safely get to school in inclement weather.

Into the car to head towards Bucharest. Our next stop was Sibiu.
Sibiu was another walled Saxon city. I enjoyed the short time we had there. Steve and I bought Dan a card to say thanks, but all we could find was a Romanian post card. The drive back to Bucharest was just plain long, and in the dark we could not see any scenery. We did not arrive back at the Crystal Palace until after 22:30. :( We had planned to have dinner with Dan and present him with the card and some money, but the restaurant was closed and neither Lilly nor the other couple wanted to go out for dinner. Lilly had an early start (10:00) so that was understandable. We made our presentation to Dan in the lobby of the hotel. Unlike most tours I have been on, Dan knew his stuff and made sure we were never rushed, and even took us to a train station so David could take photos of trains! :)

Our new room was not as flash as our first one - it had been set up for only one guest. One cake of soap, one shower cap and ONE TOWEL!! We stayed up to watch Robocop (with Romanian subtitles).
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photo by: tm16dana