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Saturday Paris to Bucharest
Awoke early and had to wait an hour for the showers to open. Flitted around and desperately tried to get my still sodden sneakers dry. I watched some workmen turn up in their trucks, take up the road and then proceed to build a wall around a pile of rubbish. Odd.

Walked to this silly Maccas (Glutten for punishment) and they were closed and the sign said until 9am even though they were supposed to be open at 7:30am. Gave up and went to the cafe next door. It was here that I had Fromage blanc for the first time in 20 years. Ah! Bliss. BAck to tidy up and then head for the airport. On the way, I stupidly suggested that David may want to look at Gard du L'est and he agreed to I sent the next hour or so there. But I wrote some postcards and posted them, then bought some more. So I was not stressing. :) We were lucky when we got to Gard de Nord that an airport express train turned up so we arrived at the airport without the crowds of a normal train. I found free internet at the Station. I had to pay a few euros for the toilet, but the Wi-fi was free. Odd. After a bit, we ventured to the terminal, smug in the knowledge that we should get good seats as we were 4 hours early. How the mighty fall. :D The plane was booked out!! There was only 3 seats left and two were for us but they were at opposite sides of the plane. We took the boarding passes and headed for the baggage check in only to find that our bag was too long to fit the carousel and we had to walk back down the terminal to get to a carousel the bag could go through.

We discovered that customs leaving Paris is more anal that Russia. We queued to get searched. OK. I had to take off my belt which neither Auatralia, Singapore or china have required and then I get selected for a drug swab. They took my boarding card and opened my bags. After the swabbing we could go. I wonder if it was a little typcasting....who knows. Not a worry and I have never touched any of the stuff. Making it throught that is but the start...We sat and waited for our plane, and David (Yay for husbands) bought me an EXCELLENT 600ml coffee. It cost more than a whole meal but it was wonderful. The french just do coffee.. The gate required a passport check at the top of the gate then a walk othe bottom for the bus, where they check your passport. (Less then 100m from the last check) and then again on the plane enterance. The bus did nt fit all the passengers and the plane had to wait for the next bus which was late as people were late for the flight. We left Paris 30mins late. Grr

The man who was supposed to be in the window seat didn't care and the lady inthe aisle was happy to swap with David so we got to sit together. David was delighted to get the window seat and made full use of it. I talked to the man from Atlanta who was very interesting. The food was uninspiring and the flight uneventful.

In Romania there were only 4 people in the non EU line. That was cool, we got through very quickly. The baggage claim area was almost deserted and David stormed past the customs lady, not realising she was there. She left him go. Outside customs all the vulture like taxi drivers were waiting for their prey. They were insistent (I will take you, only 60RON) But we had done our research and knew the bus was running and it was 7RON. (We found out later a couple on the tour were caught and they were actually quoted 40RON then charged 80RON at the destination). The bus was quick and efficent but the lady at the ticket office refused to give change for 10RON. Grr. Small but annoying.

When we arrived at the square that we were told to alight, we followed the directions but found the place was a block acroos from where we were told. BUT we found it. The Funky Chicken is small but clean and at 9.50euros each you can't complain. Dorm rooms only.

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