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David steered us towards the mountains that would take us to Transylvania. As we did not have far to drive that day, he took me on a side trip to the egg museum that Dan had recommended. All we knew was that it was in Moldoviţa. We saw a church with two tour buses parked out the front, so we thought it would be safe to photograph. Inside was another painted church. David was thrilled as the sun was out and the photos would look better than the other two. We did not go inside the church, as the nuns looked overwhelmed with all the school kids.
The Moldoviţa monastery is in a fortified quadrangle. On the southern wall is a depiction of the defence of Constantinople in AD 626. (Close up photo)

The signs to the egg museum were easy to find, and we pulled up at a house. The lady who answered the door was delighted to have visitors, but spoke only French and German. She used a mixture of French and German to describe her painting techniques which I found very interesting. The eggs were very beautiful - April would have enjoyed this place.

Over the mountains to Viseu de Sus, and hopefully, David's train to the Vasser Valley. In Viseu de Sus, we found the Hotel Gabriella, however there was no internet, as they were setting up a new system. We asked for the matrimonaial room, and it was the best so far. David and I got directions to the station, and when we got there, the girl told us it was only running from May to September. She suggested that David return in the morning to see if he could photograph the worker's train, IF it was running.

Dan rang when he was refuelling his car, luckily his chosen servo was the one a few doors down from our hotel. We raced down, happy to see a friendly face. We offered him dinner, but he refused. (Maybe he had seen that our hotel's restaurant was also a truck stop..) He looked tired but insisted that he was fine for driving 10hrs back to Buchareşti. Mad I tell you.

I wish we could have afforded to hire him as a guide, I feel we are missing so much of what is around, by not finding it, or not being about to read the info signs.
Marius1981 says:
my grandfather came from this place :)
never been there in manny many years thou. but the scenary is nice
Posted on: Feb 18, 2010
danyviseu says:
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Posted on: Mar 06, 2009
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