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Sunday 26/10/08
Woke up early but due ti late arriving Germans @ 2am did not sleep through the night. They did try to be quiet once they realised that they were not alone. Their dorm was between me and the toilet so I had to sneak through and of course the ancient doors of the Hostel tried their hardest to let people know they were being opened. The a sneak through snoring bodies and strewn luggage and another ancient squealing door. Then after I got to the other side, I realised that I had forgotten my shower stuff and had to repeat the dance again.

As we were up so very early, we went for a stroll around the block and I found a cute little bakery for our breakfast and across from her was a mini market for the rest. Cool. Amentities close by. Romanians do bread. You think the french do but no the Romanains get it just perfect. A delight to eat.

We discovered that we had not contact details for the tour company to find us and had no idea if we were going to be picked up or if we had to join the tour at the hotel we were starting at. SO the night lady allowed us to use her phone and her internet to look for details. Very nice of her. The tour guide rang us back and told us he was going to pick us up at 11:30am so we arranged with the staff of the Funky Chicken to look after our bags and we went for a walk.
Bucharest has a bad reputation and yes, there are dogs everywhere but besides a high risk of twisting your ankle, it is no worse than most cities. The roads have big holes and the footpaths are uneven with huge trenchs appearing in them with no warning. OH&S is not here.

We searched in vain for an internet cafe be all we found was a sign but no shop. We gave up and returned to the Funky Chicken.

Dan turned up around noon and after picking us two people from the US, took us on a driving tour of the capital. Bucharest has has so many ugly streets and ruined blocks that the lovely parts have a far greater impact than usual. Dan had been in the square during Ceau┼čescu's address to the people on 21 dec 1989 and was there when the shooting started. He told us about that day and it is an amazing story. We were very lucky to hear is from a participant. He showed us the enterance tothe secret passage. Which I was surpirsed that never mentioned during his trip to Romania.

We saw an old church, right next to the royal palace and the priest kindly let us take photos (For free) He spoke english and was delighted to tell us about his church.

We drove to the Palace of Parliment, the world's second largest building. Built in 1984 by Ceau┼čescu (Not finished) This building is awe inspiring. It takes my fish eye to fit it all in but when we return to this city, maybe we can get a tour inside.

Off to the Crystal palace to meet our 5th member of the tour, a lady from Mexico ,Lillian.

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photo by: tm16dana