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After breakfast (A buffett! Yay!) David and I repeated the walk we did the night before. This city is anice one to walk in, a relaxing place to be as there are lots of parks and a mall to walk through without being attacked by cars. We returned to the hotal after an hour as we had to check out. My plan was to visit the salt mine this arvo and then the Turda Gorge tomorrow Morning. At first, we could not find the salt mine, the usual Romanian lack of street signs..and LP's woeful instructions did not assist. We therefore parked the car and walked to the information centre. Alas this info centre was closed even though it was supposed to be open until 1600hrs. IT was now 1230. Hmmmmmm We walked on to the history museum which had a map out the front. We decided to go to the Roman Ruins as we were now on that side of town.

On the top of a hill, in a field, are the ruins of the 5th Macedonian League who were staioned here in AD168. Nothing is there to protect them, no fences, nothing.

David found the salt mine, after abit of driving around. We paid 8RON after promising to be out by 1500hrs as we had actually missed out on the cut off time. We were delighted to agree and off we went into the big hole. We were both impressed with the cadbury type stripy walls the white salt seam and the mud between them. We had abit of fun in the echo chamber before moving on to the lift room and then to the Ruldolph Mine. This got a OMG! From David who is usually unimpressed by things..This mine is 42m deep 80m long and 50m wide. It is a huge cavern with Salt stalagtites. The area under the stalagtites is roped off as they have a tendency to fall... David has uploaded a photo and I will do more later
We pondered the even more huge Thersa Mine with its huge salt fall and lake. The Ruldolph mine floor has lots of little rocks of salt. It was so fascinating that we are staying in Turda to go back on a weekday to see if a worker can show us a bit more..Fingers crossed.

Went hunting for Castul Prinţul Vânător (Another Castle Dracula Type of place)and nearly gave up, when we spied it in a side street. It is 245RON a night but why be in Romania and not stay in the fun places?

Dinner was hysterical, I ordered the impaled Tartar steak only to get a little man with a carved appple head, impaled on a skewer.
woosang says:
oh!! WHat a shame. It was wonderful untouched. :(
Posted on: Feb 18, 2010
Marius1981 says:
Turda salt mine was recently refurbished and looks very nice now, was recently reopened and looks like a sci fi studio. They invested around 5 mil euros and you even get basketball and tennis cpurts down there
Posted on: Feb 18, 2010
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