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Started out at 0600hrs as planned The city was waking up, but not too busy yet. We reached the outskirts of Buchare┼čt without being killed or killing anyone. The drive from Bucharest to Foc┼čani was uneventful, we didn't really see much as the weather was so bad in visibility to all we did see with grey coloured. :( We retired to a shopping complex at Focsani for a break and we were in high sprirts.
We headed north again and at the next small hamlet of Garoafa, a cop pulled David over. Huh?? All the cars around us were speeding through the 50km/hr zone but he pulled us over. Grr The cop spoke no english and was not inclinded to try to explain to us why he had pulled us. He forced David to sign the fine chit without even talking just grunting. David troed to refuse, demanding an explaination but to no avail. David was very upset. We followed the cop to the police station, but he had locked the door and was hiding. Chicken.
Unable to get a result or explaination, we continued north, all good cheer gone.
An hour, at Adjud, we found another police man, this one could not explain WHY we were fined, but pointed out where it could be dealt with and that the fine was RON54. We went to this government building, and it took a cashier (Who spoke no english) and a person in the queue to take the time to mime what we did wrong. The man even drew a picture. No HEADLIGHTS on during the day. WTF?? LP stated that this was not a rule. Grr. Stupid guide books. We paid and kept going.

A Bracau, we missed the ruin, tried to find it but there were no signs. We turned off the main road and headed to Va┼člui.

On the way, in the windy hills, we passed Dragomir┼čti. David saw a wooden church so we stopped for a few photos.

Arrival at Vaslui was at 1700hrs and David looked done in. We drove around this very ugly industrial town ( this is a town for you. Lots of Buildings that are now surplus) looking for a hotel. We found one option that was RON220 a night BUT they had an old EFTPOS machine so I could use my credit card. My credit card does not work on these new European machines :(

Pizza and a beer or two and then to bed. A security man has been monitoring us since our arrival. David thinks it is for our safety, but I feel it is because we must be lowering standards of guests lol. Hotel Racova Va┼člui has a view from the 6th floor of the worst skyline ever. Very uninspiring, but the people here have been friendly which brightens things a bit.
Dan rang as he promised he would, but apparently the plates on the car are incorrect or expiring or something and they have to be replaced by the end of the 6th of Nov. Hmm you would have thought the rental company would have known this. Dan feels he has to drive up to meet us to replace them unfortunately, we are at the exact opposite end of the country by then. most likely near the Ukraine border. We shall see what happens. I feel a company rep should be doing this but Dan says he feels that he must ensure we are happy in Romania. I think we should by him a dinner at least.
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photo by: Qdonze