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I planned to go to Seoul a few months before but I wasn't sure about it.  A month before we left to Seoul, I asked my sister if she wants to come with me. She has been there once but she was with Korean friend and didn't remember where she went and wanted to visit again. So of course she said 'yes'.

Now, we need to find everything. I was checking plane fare before so I knew how much would it be but when we actually booked a flight, it was already full and the price went up! I think it's because that weekend was including national holiday.  Anyway, I went many travel agencis, even emailed to other agencies too. We finally found one. It was pretty pricy but we couldn't help it 'cause we REALLY wanted togo there on that weekend.

We booked our flight at JTB which i don't use usually.. A few days after my sisiter paid for our flights, a woman who's in our charge called my sister and said there's another 'me' on that flight so I need to check if I booked at the other agency. Well... I didn't book anywhere but i called one of the agencies to make sure I was ok.  Yes, I didn't book and this problem was fine. Maybe someone put my name accidentaly or something :)

November 22, 2007

Our flight -Asiana, was 12pm so we decided to go there by high way bus. There's a bus stop near our house, lucky! We got to the bus stop 5minutes earlier. It was 9am bus on weekday. This high way goes to Toyota which means.. all employees who works at Toyota go there by car useing high way = rush hour!!!! YUP, we had to wait 10 minutes at the stop.  We got on the bus and here we go to the airport.

On the way to the airport, there was a car accident on high way so there was another loss time... some of us in our bus were in a hurry so they looked at watch so many times. I think they are buisinessmans.. 

We arrived at the airport around 10:30am and checked in.  It should be 2 hours before but it was alright.

Our flight is 2hours. We left Nagoya just after 12pm.  I thought we don't get any food on the plane but we had kind of lunch and beverage. Pretty full!! Our flight was fine and comfortable.

darlingwish says:
ohhhh seoul! i so wanna go there!!!! lucky you u're close!
Posted on: Apr 06, 2008
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