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Greetings from Phuket.

Arrived in Bangkok at midnight, caught a taxi to the hotel which on the brochure was 20 mins away. Biddy and I got there in 10 mins as our taxi man took advantage of the empty highway and decided he'd travel at a steady 200mk/h!! Arrived at our hotel to find a very excited Milney.

Day 2

Flew to Phuket the next day and got into our hotel (Expat Hotel in Patong Beach) in the afternoon. Nice hotel with our room on the bottom of 3 floors overlooking the pool. Got settled in and went for a walk to check the place out, ended up at Aussie Bar and chillaxed with a few drinks.

Had tea at our hotel (which we found out had happy hour everyday from 6-8 where all drinks are 50baht ($1.80) and it all went loose from there... Went back to Aussie Bar for drinks where we met some guys from Victoria who were all very smashed when we were there (just got called to the bar from the bar chick telling me the Umbrella song is on!) in the mid afternoon, we couldn't believe they were still there when we went back! Ended up being the guys Milney sat next too on the plane! We got pretty well smashed there, and got taken to a ping pong show, for those that don't know what that entails then imagine string, goldfish, golf balls, finches, razorblades... Ended up sitting next to four Swedish guys who couldn't believe what was happening either and we ended up leaving there after about an hour or so. We went from there to about 4 different clubs, we all went back to our hotel for a late night swim, but got stopped by security, so we decided to go back out (well actually... i went back out with the swedish guys minus one who thought it'd be nice to stay in our hotel room!!). Stayed out with them for another couple of hours, and ended up back at the hotel by about 5am... Got their numbers and have organised to stay with them in Sweden. Massive hangover the next day...

Day 3 (Oz Day)

Pretty much did nothing as I wasn't feeling to well. Listened to a bit of the Hottest 100. Went to the beach in the arvo had a beer while watching the sunset. Went for tea, then back to Aussie Bar, i struggled to drink, but i soldiered on of course we ended up back at Ping Pong show, where we took some people we met from Lonny at Aussie Bar, and a brother and sister from somewhere in Oz. Went to a club after that, then went to the 7 eleven to buy cheap vodka and cheap redbull. I ended up going home at bout 3ish, while the other 2 barged home about 6ish after a short swim at the beach on the way home!

Day 4

Rest day which included little drinking as we were getting ready for our boat trip the next day...

Day 5

Left our hotel at 8am to catch a boat to Maya, Phi Phi and Khai islands. Boat trip was very rough, but still fun. We stopped at Maya Island first which is where the movie The Beach was filmed, only had about 30 mins there. Then we went snorkelling around the corner. From there we went to Phi Phi Island which is the one that the Tsunami went straight over the top of. Looks really good now though. We had lunch their and looked around for about half hour. We went to Monkey Beach to feed the monkeys,

then we went to Khai Island which is about 70 metres wide and about 150 long! It has a reggae bar, and beach chairs, and a volleyball net. Awesome spot.

Went back and had some tea at a nice restaurant where I got a hip flasked sized bottle of whisky to have with tea for 190baht ($7)... Went back to Aussie Bar and waited for the arrival of the Lane Train, which after flight delays wasn't until 2am. Had some drinks with him and got in at about 4!

Day 6 (29th)

Slept in till 11am, done nothing all day really... Went to a cinema and watched the Flock, weird movie with Richard Gere and Claire Danes. Very hot today, the weather has been at a constant 33/34 degrees.


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 29th Jan Tuesday
Did nothing! Rest day in preperation for our stay at Phi Phi Island tomorrow. Ordered a suit from our man Bater. Nice indian guy who came for a drink with us one night after he finished work. He said it was the first time he'd ever done it!

30th Jan Wed
Caught the ferry to Phi Phi Island. Arrived around 4ish. Eventually found our hotel (P.P. Infinity Guesthouse) after being given the wrong directions (all i could remember was the hotel part... isn't that right Mo!). Went to Apache Bar for happy hour 4-10pm! Buy 1 bucket, get another free! Had 1 bucket before tea, of Sangsom(thai whiskey) and Redbull. Went out for tea then met up with Sam and Sarah who we met a couple of nights earlier at Patong. Got some more buckets from a guy in a bucket stall. About $6 each! With a full hip flasked size bottle of Whiskey!

Went to the beach to drink them, ended up drinking half of Milneys as well! Went to Reggae Bar (surprise boxing ring in the middle) watched some Thai boxing, then after that you could fight your friend and the winner received a free bucket! Two chicks got up, funniest thing I have ever seen! I tried to pay Biddy and Milney to fight each other but they wouldn't!! Got a video which I will upload to myspace.

Went to Carlitos Bar for a bit, but closed, then to Hippies bar, and went back to our Guesthouse.

31st Jan Thursday
Went canoeing at Phi Phi, it was awesome, but very "hung" so i didn't enjoy it too much. I decided to go back to Patong (Phuket) to see the boys (Laney, Wooz and crew) who arrived today. Biddy and Milney stayed on Phi Phi another night. Still "hung"

Took me a while to get back into drinkning, they guys came to our hotel to eat (very cheap) and then to happy hour. They went silly, i just watched!! We went to Aussie Bar, got the Swedish guys to come around to meet the guys. Laney, Wooz, Kris, Eric, Klaus and I ended up at some tiny bar where Wooz kept falling asleep! He ended up behind the bar pole dancing and then shouting the bar (1000Baht = $36) which equalled about 40 shots!

We then went to Seduction club where we danced the night away, Laney ended up carrying Wooz home! I stopped to get pizza (not Mev, but it was nice!).

1st February
Another slow start, Laney and Wooz slept in my room coz they had booked the wrong nights at their other hotel. Girls decided to stay at Phi Phi another night. Laney and I went 10 pin bowling to get away from the heat. Went to visit the gang for a while, then left them to meet up with Kris Eric and Klaus for tea, we then went to Bushrangers to play 8ball where we had to step over the sleeping dog to play our shots! Early night, about 030hrs.

2nd February Saturday
Another slow start (ASS for short) Spent the whole day alone, shopping for shorts to wear out with pockets in them, got a polo polo as well for $9 (fake). Biddy and Milney arrived home from Phi pHI this arvo. WE went back to Bater (our suit man) for my fitting. Looks pretty good, should win Fashions on the Field at Dev Cup for sure! Had maccas for tea (rice can be boring) and then got some longnecks from the 7eleven to drink at our hotel before we went out. Rained for about an hour, so when that stopped at about 2300hrs we made a run for it into Bangla Road. Went to Aussie Bar for a few drinks. Chewing Gum Boy (Pang Pong) came up to say goodbye, he's going to visit his family in Bangkok for two weeks. Pretty sad goodbye, he asked me to sign his hat for him and he gave me a cigar to keep! (he is only 14!) but loves to smoke! I gave him some money to take on his trip with him, he seemed prety grateful!

From there we went to Banana Bar with Laney and Co. Laney pretended all night to be Irish (Patty O'Furniture) worked well for him! Pretty cool bar, but closed at 2. Took Wooz to his first Ping Pong show. It was disgusting, never going again. Got home about 5am after eating pizza again!

3rd Feb today
Just watching the cricket at the moment, bloody Brisbane weather! Peace out my friends.

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