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So when I'm in Europe, I'm all about the food. It's my whole reason for travelling. I will actually plan on what sights to see based upon where I might want to eat. But again, how to afford it? I am a social worker. First off, you fill up on the tasty breakfasts at the pension. It is often included in the price for the room, so take advantage! Streetfood makes a very tasty and affordable lunch. And it's very cultural. Worsterbroodjes in Belgium, fritjes in Holland, bratwurst in Bavaria, it's all good and cheap. In Spain you have the option of going to bars for lunch and making a meal out of tapas. You get to sample many foods in small portions and it's quite inexpensive and fun. For dinner definitely avoid the touristy places. Places that have pictures on their menus for the world to see tend to be ONLY for tourists. Eat like a local I always say. Find a place on a side street, where the only proof that there is an eating establishment is not some fancy sign, but a couple of chairs outside and an inviting smell flowing down the alley. The food is usually better than at any touristy place, the prices more affordable, and the local language providing the soundtrack to your meal. Even so, these meals may not be that cheap, but you're in Europe, you gotta eat, so eat well. Treat the meal like a ticket to a cultural destination. Food is the best example of what a culture has to offer after all. Many of these places have a daily special which sometimes includes a glass of the house wine, which is usually decent. The great thing about Europe is that wine (or beer) is part of the meal, not an option. Bread is usually extra though, even if they drop it off at the table. Also ask for Tap water instead of bottled water. Spend money on the wine not the water I always say. Also don't think you will save money by ordering a cola or iced tea. They tend to be much more expensive (and less fun) than wine or beer. Throughout most of Europe the water is fine to drink. Well, I'm getting hungry just writing this. Better catch a flight!

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