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The swans:)

We ate breakfast and for a moment we saw the girl of the house, but she just said hallo to us and that was it. We were really happy to get away from this placeJ. They were friendly, but we didn`t like the casa (and the pigsJ).

At 8.30 we waited for the taxi on the patio, it was a little bit late, but it arrived. We said our good-byes and left Vinales. In the taxi there was an English guy Michael. He said hallo, but did not talk more. The taxi was a bit oldieJ, one door looked like it could open any minute, but I let the Argentinian guy whom we went to pick up, to sit next to itJ.

The Argentinian Marcelo was of course the most talkative and he really tried to make the conversation. We did answer to him, but in 6 hrs drive we all spoke surprisingly little. We had very good sleep in the car and I listened to the musicJ And we had few stops, for the toilet, food, drinks, souvenirs... 6 hrs passed pretty quickly. The nature changed as we left Vinales and arrived in Trinidad.

The lady of our casa was waiting for us, she ran to greet us and told the taxi driver how to go to the next casa. Then she said again hallo to us and asked his brother to carry our bags. He took both packbags! They were not very lightJ. The room was upstairs as well! The room looked nice, but just in case we said that we will stay for 2 nights, maybe more. After the casa in Vinales we were really careful. The lady did not speak English, but his brother did a little bit and they said that her husband speaks English.

We were relieved, but we didnt know then that he is most of the time away (and works in the hotel). The brother we met only once more. So we had to manage in SpanishJ, but of course it was really good for my languageJ.

On the bed there were 2 swans made of the towel, obviously they know the hotel thingsJ. Also there were pink covers on the pillows. We just chilled a little bit and then went to the Bar Daiquiri. Before we left, the lady of the casa Ana, told me that on the corner there is a great place to take as a sign where the casa is and the place was Bar Daiquiri! We knew it was close, but not that it is so close!:) We didnt tell her that we are heading right thereJ.

our mojitos!
But we did not in fact drink there, because it was closed or something. We did not even understand, the doors were closed, but people were sitting on the patio. Anyway, we went across the street and took our mojitos in casa Artex! We also tried to get some ice-cream, but the fridge was broken or something, we did not understand the spanishJ, but we didnt get the ice-cream, just mojitos.

There were 2 couples (tourists) learning salsa. Good music and it was interesting to watch, even if we didnt see much, cause they were a little bit away from the bar. The teacher saw me looking at his direction with smile on my face (unintentionalJ) and winked for me. Later he asked us to come and take salsa lessons. The other teacher saw us then as well and did „mammamia!“. They seemed ok and we decided to come back some other day, because we had planned to take salsa lessons in Cuba. We have learned a little bit salsa in Estonia in bailatino classes and love it!

Then we went back to our casa to have a dinner ��" it was shrimps.

Trinidad is very cute little town
It is true that in casas food is delicious and this casa was the best! The only problem is that as I mentioned before, the meals are huge huge huge! We never ate lunch because of itJ. The natural juices are really delicious, specially in that house ��" orange or orange-pineapple. The shrimps were absolutely delicious, some were peeled, some not. Ana came to ask from time to time: „good?“ And it was!

Later we decided to go to the Bar Daiquiri and after that to Casa Artex, cause there was a music show that night. The family went to the casa de la musica! In Bar Daiquiri at first we ordered daiquiris, but they were not so good (later we discovered daiquiri frappe and this is the best drink ever!), so later we took mojitos. The guy working at the bar was really friendly and at first he was ok, we were just beautiful girls. But even after we had told him, that we are from Estonia, not Holland, he asked us if we are from Holland, from where in Europe: Spain, Canada? He was the only one who had no idea of the geography. Canada was Europe!:) Usually people even knew where is Estonia, because they studied it at school (Soviet Union).

And their education seems to be really good, at least geaography (as it was in Soviet Union I must say, and i am not Soviet Union`s fan at allJ).

Then he brought us flowers because we were the most beautiful girls in the world and tried to put mine to my hair! I did not allow him to do that, cause it had ants on it! And he thought that we will go to casa Artex with him. So we had to run away and thats why we couldnt go to casa Artex this evening. He had ruined our mood for partying! We went to listen afro-cuban music, but were a little bit late, so we heard only one song, then the band stopped. We went to the square of casa de la musica. It was really crowded and we looked how people danced, but soon we went home to sleep.

Earlier in the day, we had went to the terrace and were surprised by 2 dogs! They were our neighbours dogs and fortunately they calmed downJ.

And across the street on the roof was a cute puppy. He didnt know how to go down anymore, but he didnt cry, cause it was really interesting for him on the roofJ.

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The swans:)
The swans:)
our mojitos!
our mojitos!
Trinidad is very cute little town
Trinidad is very cute little town
photo by: lizzy1987