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We started our day as usual with a huge breakfast. Every meal our casa lady surprised us with something special for desert, it was cakes or pudding-like-somethingJ ... very delicious always.

After meal we went to Cubatur to ask about the hiking possibilities, we were particulary interested in El Nino waterfall, but unfortunately the lady said, that it is too far from Trinidad, it would be really expensive. So we settled for the biggest waterfall in the area (Guanayara) and hiking in the Topes de Collantes. It is part of the Sierra del Escambray, which is the highest mountain range in central Cuba. We said that we are interested in the tour, but we must come back later, because we didnt have enough money with us, as we were heading to the beach.

So we took the coco-taxi to the beach. Coco-taxi is cheap and cute way to cover the short distances. We asked the driver to take a picture of us with the coco-taxi. We went to the Playa de Ancon. It was really nice, white sand and light blue water. The sun was so bright that it heart to take the sun glasses off, but we had to to go to swimJ. At first we took the chairs though and soon our first mojitosJ (a 2 CUC). Next to us were some Swedish tourists and Canadian tourists and it seemed that they were staying in the hotel on the beach. One of the Swedish guy went swimming with his wallet in his pantsJ! Later some of them went with boat to snorkelling. Before the trip we had thought about going to snorkelling, but we never did, I dont even know whyJ. Something to do in future, I guessJ.

We were sunbathing, drinking and enjoying ourselves. We saw that other tourists left their things when they went swimming, so we thought we`ll do it as well and we were really glad that we were able to swim together! Usually, when we are just 2 of us, we have to swim separately. The water was really warm and calm as well, later we discovered that in north the sea was not so calm.

I had taken a book of Michael Owen with me, but I managed to read just 2 pages, when our friend Marcelo from Argentina, whom we had met the day before, came by. This time we (should I say I?J) were lot more talkative. Marcelo was surprised, but I explained, that we did answer his questions and we were sleepy and now we had drank mojitos (by that time 3 of themJ) as well. We talked mostly about travelling. He said that he has often left his work and travelled for a long time. Sometimes he has also worked a little bit in the places he has travelled. But this time he was on vacation, 2 weeks. He said that Argentina is for tourists cheap and of course interesting and beautiful (south beautiful, north interesting). He is from San Juan. Lately he travelled in China and he planned to go to India, but came to Cuba instead. He said that he will come to Estonia and wants recommendations from us, but later we forgot to ask for e-mail address! He said that he was in casa de la musica last night, so we thought that we will maybe see him there, but we didnt see him again.

We had been really careful putting the sun lotion on all the time, but of course while talking with Marcelo we forgot! Suddenly he said, that we are so red!J The we were in hurry and took a cab (unfortunately there were no coco-taxis waiting and we had to take a car) back to the casa. We were so burned that we had to change our plans and we did not go out. But before that we went to the Cubatur to pay for the tour the next day. We heard that there was a big group of people and instead of jeep we will be going with truck and it costs 43 CUC per person, including lunch.

Then it was again dinner time, we did not take wine because we still planned to go out to buy mojitosJ. We ate lobster, it was fantastic! The best meal ever. And of course i couldnt manage to eat it all! Cause i was full. The we decided to ask for wine, cause we were red hot of the sunJ. Because we did not want to have wine for my dinner, they did not have wine in coldJ. But they managed to bring us white wine and ice to the terrace, our lady, her friend and her son, all were busy bringing us thingsJ.

On the terrace the dogs were our friends nowJ. We enjoyed the view, took some photos and drank our wine. In our room we put on lots of lots of cream, cause it really hurt! And it was impossible to sleep any other way than on the backJ. But considering that, I slept well.

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photo by: lizzy1987