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the group dance

Probably Australian wedding is no different to any other western wedding, but for me it is different compared to what i am used to. In Asia, wedding is about being "grand" and try to reach the most. Including the number of guests, where Asian usually have hundreds simply to be polite with everyone they know.

In the western world (well....i don't know if Australia actually part of the west, as it is wayyyy down under), maybe because of the price of everything is so sky-high, things tend to be more practical. Wedding guest consist only few friends and family. And as a result, i found it really personal and warmth-hearted because everybody in the guest list know everybody else in the party. Or at least, if we don't know some people in the party, we end up dancing and talking to others.

This wedding was a wedding of a friend which I met while working in Vietnam few years back. Coming back from this wedding, I actually vow to myself to attend one of this kind of wedding so intimate and personal again, where I can deliver a wedding speech. Well...i found the victim (whose wedding will have my speech :) ).

Another thing that i found some place are really popular for wedding here in Perth. My friend got married in the park of a university (something which probably will never happened in Indonesian wedding) and on that same day, there were at least 3 other couples getting married beforehand, showing how quick a wedding ceremony could be (In Indonesia the ceremony will take a whole day, thus a place booked for one ceremony will usually not having any other appointment or else there will be no end to the waiting couples)

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the group dance
the group dance
photo by: cimtech