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Boat out of Penance with random people
Wow. Mad rush. Felt like I was back at work after yesterday's relaxed day. Breakfast started at 7.45 but it was probably not early enough. Then we had trouble flushing the toilet in the ensuite - just when we were in a hurry! Dropped Rob at the boat with as many bags as he could manage then took car to garage - frantically search in pockets for garage paper work. What do I find instead? The B&B key!! Making phone call while 'running' down to the boat laden with all the rest of the bags which I could only just manage. Rob phoning me at the same time wondering where I had got to as the boat was ready to go. None of this helped by the garage man saying 'You've left it a bit late ain't you?!?' Deep breaths once on the boat. Interesting alternative view of all the coastal path we've previously walked.
Somewhere along the Cornish coast
Rob tipping the seasick pills down Oh, and we left our bottles of water behind in the fridge at B&B chilling nicely. Now got to pay fortune for boat bottles. Who said I was always organised? It's obviously all an impression I give, nothing more. No substance to it! A new word for the vocabulary - muster. When the ship's sinking, one must muster to the middle deck according to the captain of our ship. Wonder what it feels like to have to go mustering? Ferry trip was OK. Tummy fine, head ached sometimes and wanted to sleep. First impressions of Schilly? Beautiful. Sunshine helps. Expensive food and rather limited but then they have to get it all here. Think the people who holiday here have got money as not cheap to get here in the first place. The camping is all a front so others think they haven't got loadsa money. The site is great. Only regret(?) is that there isn't a sea view but that's expecting too much. We haven't got to go far to find it. The birds are really tame and nearly feed out of your hand. We'll manage that one by the end of the week. Walked round the coast path tonight and back along the beach through a plague of sandhoppers. Rising panic/hysteria as I could feel them jumping through the holes of my sandals and getting squashed. We had already left the site to get out of the flight path of flying ants. Rob impressed with all my mod cons of camping - 'proper' cooker, good light, etc
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Boat out of Penance with random pe…
Boat out of Penance with random p…
Somewhere along the Cornish coast
Somewhere along the Cornish coast
Seagulls eye view
Seagull's eye view
Hugh Town
photo by: amanda576