Some Interesting Facts, that u maybe don't know about my town :)

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Vilnius panoramic view during late evening :)))

Just shortly some interesting facts about my hometown.. Check, maybe u really didn't know this :)))) Have a nice reading :Pp

  • In 2009, Lithuania will celebrate a millennium anniversary of the first mention of Lithuania’s name. Many events are being organised for that occasion.
  • Almost all styles of architecture can be found in Vilnius, from Gothic to Classical. However, Vilnius is the largest Baroque city, north of the Alps, and is often referred to as “Little Rome”.
  • Due to its unique historical and architectural features, the Old Town of Vilnius was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994.
    in Old town.. :)
    Like all other medieval cities, Vilnius developed around the Town Hall. The main street, called Pilies Street, connected the Grand Ducal Castle and the Town Hall. Other winding streets of the city led to the mansions of the nobility and landlords, churches, small shops and craftsmen shops. Narrow winding streets and small cosy courtyards formed a radial plan of medieval Vilnius. The remains of the impressive medieval construction ��" a city wall of Vilnius (next to the Bastion, the Gates of Dawn) ��" can be still seen in several places.
  • The Cathedral, famous as a masterpiece of Classical architecture, dates back to the times of King Mindaugas. The style of architecture of the building changed with time ��" from a pagan temple to the main church of Lithuania. In 1985 a treasure was discovered in the wall of the Cathedral, which consisted of ecclesiastic cups, a monstrance, relics and other liturgical items.
    Saint Ann's Church during winter :)))
    The treasure of Vilnius Cathedral is the most valuable collection of religious art, part of which can be seen at the exhibition “Christianity in Lithuanian Art”.
  • In terms of architecture, Vilnius is a city of churches. There are about 40 churches of different architectural styles in the Old Town. The so-called ‘corner of blazing Gothic’ ��" the Churches of St Bernardino and St Anne - attract the most visitors. As many as 33 different shapes of bricks have been used in the construction of the Church of St Anne. It is the subject of a much-quoted remark, said to have been made by Napoleon, the famous French military leader, when his army occupied Vilnius in 1812, that he would like to be able to place it in the palm of his hand and take it back with him to Paris.
  • Multicultural, multinational Vilnius was referred to as the Jerusalem of Lithuania (Yerushalaiyme de Lita).
    view from Gediminas Castle :)))
    People of different nationalities and creeds peacefully co-exited here, unfortunately, with the passing of time, only one Synagogue has survived out of Vilnius’ 105 synagogues.
  • During different historical periods many famous people have visited Vilnius: Emperor Peter I of Russia, Napoleon, Stendhal, Anna Achmatowa, Feodor Dostoyevsky, Chiune Sugihara, George Bush, Pope John Paul II. Such intellectuals as Mstislav Rostropovich and Czeslaw Milosz can also be called admirers of Vilnius.
  • Užupis, a district of Vilnius that enjoys huge popularity among the artists, has been declared an independent republic with its separate authorities and the constitution. Original festivals of the republic of Užupis are held annually there.
  • In 2001, while carrying out construction works in Šiaurės miestelis (the Northern Town), a burial site of Napoleon’s soldiers was discovered.
    Gediminas Prospect =)
    The find attracted special local attention, as well as that of the world mass media. Archaeologists found about 3,000 remains of soldiers of Napoleon’s army. Later they were transferred to a cemetery.
  • The geographical centre of Europe is located not far from Vilnius. According to the French National Geographical Institute, the geographical centre of Europe lies 26 kilometres north of Vilnius, going along the Molėtai highway.

sheylla says:
always welcome :P
Posted on: Apr 13, 2009
mr_shanet says:
some amazing photos of vilnius!! well done, and thanks for sharing :)
Posted on: Apr 12, 2009
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Vilnius panoramic view during late…
Vilnius panoramic view during lat…
in Old town.. :)
in Old town.. :)
Saint Anns Church during winter :…
Saint Ann's Church during winter …
view from Gediminas Castle :)))
view from Gediminas Castle :)))
Gediminas Prospect =)
Gediminas Prospect =)
photo by: sheylla