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And its cool. In a weird sort of way I suppose! I arrived at Hong Kong airport after my 13 hour flight looking forward to getting to my hostel, on the train on the way into the city, I'd realised I'd left my phone and camera on the plane on the seat next to me. ( I was the last to get off and I had some flight attendent shooing me off!) So got of at the next station and caught the train back to the airport. Once back I was able to speak to someone who phoned the plane to ask about my belongings. They asked me to wait half an hour. I'd allready been in Hong Kong for almost 2 hours and worse the plane I was on was due to leave any minute to continue to Syndey! So really worried I wasn't going to get my camera or phone back. But they did, they were fantastic, as it had been picked up by the carriers cleaning crew! THANKS sooooooo much to them! I really thought I'd be lost. And all those niggles from mum about how she was going to be worried about me and wanted me to send her a text everyday just to let her know I'm ok, would have really gone well, if my first call home was to say dont text. I've lost my phone!

Anyway I got to the hostel, which I'm going to do a review on. (I dont want my journal to look like I'm a snob or anything!) and meet with some lovely people in there! A girl called Sian has been really nice and helpfull, and let me tag along with her today to Stanley beach. We didn't leave the hotel until about 12 as we both slept in this morning, and it's 8.30pm now so it's been a really long day!!! compared to what I've been used to! Especially with the heat! I'm glad I had a lazy day! And i've hardly eaten because its just tooo hot. I've had a huge bottle of water and will get another one in a minute, 2 bananas and a stupidly small tuna sandwich. Didn't even have salad in. Just Tuna Mayonaise! Not even crusts! They'd been cut of! Ruined!

Anyway I can't wait now to get back to the hostel just to chill out and relax. Tommorrow I'm defiantly going to do a bit more. I wanna go and see the big buddah!

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