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Today we arrived in Bangkok at 6am. The train was actually on time. I was surprised as my previous involvement in travel through the country had always been delayed before. I had hardly slept at all on the train and so was particularly grumpy and tired! When arriving at Khao San I just wanted to get a hotel room and sleep! We found a place with a pool and left our bags as we were unable to check in until after 10am. So we had a few hours and decided to get some breakfast while we waited. When we got back and could get into the room everyone arranged to meet at 12pm by the pool before we would do anything else.

It was at 3pm when I was awoken by the phone!!! The guys hadn't been able to find my hotel room as they didn't know which number I was in and so I had been able to sleep in until then! I was secretly extremely pleased as I felt so much better. Lol.

We then went to the market to look for souvenirs for 2 of the group who were leaving the next day and then got some dinner, some original Pad Thai, noodles and vegetables mixed with egg, before heading to a Ping Pong show!

Yeah you read right! A ping pong show!

My thoughts on this are soooooo confused. I was told to go just to experience it, as plays a big part of the culture in Bangkok and is like going to Florida but not going to Disney World! (this is what I was told.) Anyway it consisted of Thai Ladies (who weren't particularly attractive, and who also looked quite unhappy) doing various tricks for the entertainment of others. Now in any job most experience some unhappiness, thats what makes it work, but if something is upsetting you so much you would normally leave and find a new job. I do wonder though if things are that easy in Thailand though. I'm not sure of how the educational system works in Thailand, if women have the same job opportunities as men or if many settle for anything they can to support families they care about. Which I think may be the case here.

Women being asked to pull things from their intimate parts, such as flowers on strings, razors blades, ping pong balls and to fire darts at balloons for the entertainment of others is not something that appeals to me. And seeing a man and women put on a soft porn show in such a way that is robotic I find hard to believe anyone can find as a turn on let alone attractive.

So now I am worried that I have contributed to the trade of sex tourism. If you don't enjoy it is it not that. Or if you just watch and stand by is that just as bad. I think I might put this on for a debate, because in my mind, I am defiantly not a sex tourist and feel sorry for these ladies who are doing this. But at the same time, I have paid them to help them raise their families and hope in some way that makes up for it.

I went to bed that night confused and insignificant. What I think is never going to help these ladies and even if I wanted to there is not a lot I can do to stop this sort of thing, so am now trying to forget it. As I know it's something I'll never see again.

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photo by: Deats