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The next morning we was up again at 7am and had breakfast before getting onto the bus to drive to Hutt River Province, a little country inside Australia. I wonder how many of you are saying now, I didn't know Australia had another country inside. Well it does. I didn't know, but after being there, and having my passport stamped and meeting the prince, who showed us his royal mint and post stamps, allowing us to post our postcards from here, before showing us around the chapel and his little farm. He had such an interesting story but talked so fast it was hard to keep up. Anyway we had a look around before boarding back on the bus and heading a couple of hours further south to Greenough Wildlife park. Here was cool, as I went around, feeding a horse, donkey, some kangaroos and goats! They wouldn't let us feed the crocodile though which was a bit disappointing, but was soon forgotten when they sat us down and brought out 5 snakes for us to hold. I was terrified when I first saw this kid walking around with this snake on his shoulder which must have been bigger than him. But then a lady came in with some smaller snakes, so i opted for one of those! It was so soft and cold, totally not what i was expecting. I would even consider getting one for a pet after holding that one. But they don't do much so I'm not sure if I'd get bored of it. LOL. After this we deserved a treat, and Phil took us for lunch, a hot roast roll, all paid for before we began our 4 hour drive back. the whole time Phil joking (i hope) that he couldn't wait to get rid of us. But then nearer to Perth, we sorted out meeting up for a drink later, once Phil had finished work and taken the van back and once we had got some dinner and checked into our hostel. We were all staying at the YHA, which was convenient and it was nice, because our holiday wasn't totally finished that way then. We checked in and started getting some washing done before heading to Domino's for half price dinner which we brought back to the hostel before deciding we would meet Phil at the Shed on Aberdeen Street later for drinks. Shona said she wasn't feeling up to it and left us to it. So as soon as all our washing was done Mette and I headed out to the Shed. What a place! Defiantly for backpackers. Drunks everywhere and not even nice ones. Everyone was all over everyone else and you couldn't even walk from one end to the other without every guy oggeling you! But Matte and I stuck together all night, even when we were knocking back Sambucas and Phil couldn't handle it anymore and left us to stumble his way home. Quite comical! It was shortly after that we headed back to bed. Long deserved after such a hectic week!

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photo by: aliciacanadian