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This morning we had a fry up for breakfast, with tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon and eggs. It was lovely, Phil made it for us and did worry us a little bit when he started tipping herbs and juices over it all, but it turned out really nice. Just what we needed to take us over to Cape Range National park home to Yardie Creek, We trekked here for about half an hour to reach the top of the gorge where the views were amazing to overlook a corner in the creek. Here we could see cockatils flying over the water and nesting into the gorge walls, and rock wallabies scuttling over the ledges. Safely away from the goats and Emu's roaming over the top on the grassy level hills. It was a bit nerving walking up close to the edge as there was nothing to stop you falling over the ledge and into the river onto the rocks below., But we spent a little while here exploring before heading back to the bus to carry on to Turquoise Bay for the afternoon. It took us an hour or so to drive to Turquoise Bay and we were all quite excited as the weather was lovely and sunny and warm, and was still nice after we had eaten our chicken sandwhiches and wraps, and whilst we was sitting on the beach waiting for our dinner to go down. After a lttle while of playing with the sand, the sun began to go in so we decided to get in the water before the weather got any worse. We waddled our way down with our fins and snorkels and dipped into the colder water across the reef of the beach, where the water was warmer and the fish bigger. Floating around the reef, looking at sea cucumbers, and fish in so many different colours and sizes. It was after a little while that i was starting to get nervous and decided to head back and was trying to get Phil's attention to tell him, when out of nowhere a blue tipped shark came from behind us and swam right by in front of us into he distance. Phil turned to me but I'd already seen it. Even so Phil just turned away and carried on. So I gave up and just started to swim to shore, well tried, the current was so strong on the beach and I had to really try to get across, which I managed just as Phil and Shona washed up further down the beach. I was so excited with my find and ran up the beach screaming at Matte about my find! I started texting everyone as soon as we go back up to the bus about my encounter and carried on talking about it all the way to the visitor centre, which we was going to pop into, except it had closed 5 minutes before we arrived! So he continued to Vlaming head lighthouse right on the peak overlooking bays and beaches as far as we could see. Later that night we hand made our own Spaghetti Bolognese and sat down with mini plastic champagne glasses and fan tail napkins neatly placed at the table. When the tour running alongside ours saw our meal it caused a little bit of a stir before they invited us to the local pub Potshots for a drink. Just what we needed for the night ahead. Once back the tour guides were in bed whilst Shona, Matte and I planned our adventure to finish the evening. Grabbing the marker pens, I'd taken of the bus earlier, we headed out to the other tour guides bus and began drawing colorful designs over the windows of sheep, volcanoes and a huge splat sign to make the guide feel right at home, since he was from New Zealand. Then in the dark we headed back to bed for the night. Making sure when we woke in the morning, they had already left!!!

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