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This morning, we could chill and do as we pleased before the group would have to split once we met the other bus back to Perth at Denham. Monkey Mia is known for its dolphins and has become a very popular resort because of it. They are wild, but come to the shore every morning for feeding from the crowds. The park encourages this and does a couple of informational talks each morning and supervises whilst letting some selected few feed the dolphins. Because I've swum with dolphins twice before now, I wasn't to excited about getting up at 7am to see the early ones so waited until 8.30 before heading down to the beach to see them. It was nice though because a couple of the dolphins have calves with them. And they were swimming closely to their mothers who were fetching food for them and feeding them. When walking back a giant pelican landed on the beach and scared the hell out of me. It just stood there really proud and when some kids came up close it wasn't even too bothered. Just sort of looked at them then would walk off in a different direction. I headed back to the dorm and met the others for some breakfast before we had to pack up and get our stuff ready to leave camp for Denham. When leaving Monkey Mia we stopped as Jill wanted to have her picture taken with a bilby sign, so I hopped out too and got mine taken too. A Bilby is quite a cute mouse with elephant ears. Obviously not the same size as an elephants because that would be stupid, but like a scaled down version for mice. Sort of thing I can imagine a lot of kids would like to have has a pet. We continued on to Denham stopping at Eagle Bluff, a lookout over the sea, where there is a small island of shore dedicated for wildlife to grow and animals, such as eagles to bread without the land predators eating them or their nests. It was an amazing view and it said that sometimes you can see sharks, tutles and manta rays swimming in the water below because it's so clear. It was very windy up here though and it was really a struggle not getting blown back down the hill. Once we were all back in the bus we made our way to the Overlander Roadhouse, a gas station in the middle of nowhere, we were going to be meeting the other bus, for those who were leaving early. Pretty much most of us. 5 left on this bus which left 4 of us plus Phil, our tour guide on the bus. So we had a big group photo before the bus snatched our friends away. After our tearful goodbye we made our way across land to Carnarrvon, to stop for some needed supplies at the Bottle Shop, drive through again, before continuing on to Coral Bay, home to part of the Ningaloo Reef. Here we checked into the Ningaloo Club Backpackers where we could have hamburgers for dinner with all the trimmings, and some cheap drinks. By the time we got here it was pretty dark so we were all pretty happy to have a shower and get to bed. didn't turn out to be that simple in the end as the shower water came from a bore? A hole in the ground and because of the salty content it made the water almost as salty as sea water.

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Monkey Mia
photo by: rollerblading