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Yeap. Opps, I missed my plane. So many people are probably thinking I'm crazy, or stuipd, or plain right a bloody idiot! But I wanna stand up for myself here! And probably some other people on here!

My day consisted of having my mum crying, her boyfriend saying he'll actually miss me! (If you knew him this might not sound so strange!) My girlfriend crying and giving me a gift to take with me, to wear all the time and remember her, (so i'll wanna come back sooner!) and then my bestest friend in the whole world taking me to the airport! My bestest friend John has been my bestest friend for 8/9 years, he was a boyfriend previously when I was like 13! But nothing happended between us and he left for the Navy, hence why we split up! Since then we've been best friends! He drives my car, I spend time round his (even when hes not there!) He knows my dreams/fears. Hes been there when i've laughed/cried, and I've been there when he's left his latest girlfriend, or been dumped! So to have him at the airport telling me how much he doesnt want me to leave! Was defiantly not a good idea. I really thought even though I knew he didn't want me to go, that he would understand that I was doing this for a reason and that it was something I wanted so would encourage me to go. Which he did do a little bit, but once someones told you bluntly and specifically they dont want you too its something else. He helped me check in my bags, sat down and had a hot chocolate with me, told me how if he had his passport on him he'd come with me, as he was, without anything else. Then said didn't think we'd even get this far. Turns out he only said he'd take me because he didn't think we'd actually get all the way to the airport, he was hoping to get half way there, turn around and then be back in time for dinner! Cheek!

Anyway, I did leave him at the airport, with my hand luggage, I went through departures, duty free's and walked all the way to the gate, and still crying told him to come get me. He didn't try and say dont be stupid, he just asked if I was sure? I'd decided allready that I couldn't go then, and Virgin Atlantic was allready changing my flight and beginning to unload my bag! (they must of loved me!) Turns out John had only got to Terminal 5, he got lost! So came straight back for me!

So bags in tow, back to the car, parked at Terminal 5 now, £30 in petrol, £12 in parking and, 7 hours later we were back at home in bed, with a chinese and smallville! What a fun night out! Not. (I must highlight again, he is my best mate and we spend a lot of time together, which many people dont understand, including our parents, but there is no relationship business between us at all!) A night at his, is just like going home to my teddy!

Next morning, my flights are rearranged, for the 20th June, and I'm telling myself and everyone else I'm not going travelling for a year, I'm just going on Holiday. Thats right, 3 days in Hong Kong, 4 weeks in Thailand/Maylasisa/Singapore, and then I'm gonna get home as quick as I can. Because I dont wanna be away from all my friends and family. I've never been a friends person, through school I didn't have many friends, but those I have now are true best friends that I will have forever so to leave them is sooo hard. But at the same time, I'm thinking by the time I get to Australia, all of you on here, and all the other backpackers I've spoken to and who have been so friendly, are gonna be right in syaing that I wont wanna come back and that my nerves were just a blip! So who knows, maybe once on my Holiday I may have to extend my trip! Who's gonna stop me then ;)


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photo by: Vikram