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Exactly what it says! I have, 7 and a half working days left! 10 days off! and a Holiday inbetween! My flight out of here couldn't be more welcome on the 10th June 08! And to think, i've been so close to changing/cancelling everything! Between everything going well at work, my best friend being home and all my friends and family not wanting me to go. To having more injections, these ones are the worse so far for sure I've defiantly been having doubts. I also decided that me and my travel buddy wasn't going to work so am now going alone! Even more reason for all those that care about me to worry! After the last few months of trying to convince them I'll be fine.

My Mum's now really sticking it in, asking what it'll take for me to stay, shes even offered to pay me back my flight money and everything else. Its funny, shes spent the last few years ribbing me about moving out and now i'm going she wants me to stay! Really! How do you deal with an overprotective parent. At least I havent got 2 to worry about though suppose.

I've been trying to write a checklist of things to do and stuff to sort out, but I keep loosing them and having to start again, or keep forgetting stuff to add. Injections have been my main priority as dont really wanna die! Not unless its doing something amazing where the whole world will think wow and i'll be remembered forever. Would have to be domething pretty big though. Dont quite know what will cut that!  Maybe jumping of sydney bridge, landing inside a whale, being one for a week or so swimming in its belly, before escaping like they did in Pinocchio before being found and then maybe dying of MRSA in hospital! Well I dont think you get that in OZ, their not NHS are they??? Still dont think that will cut it. lol.

Seing dentist on Tuesday, so thats done, need to see Dr again in a week or so, then thats done, stopped most of my Direct Debits, lol. Waiting for the letters to start comming through! sorted some currency out, but thats for my holiday aswell.

Got my backpack sorted, not tried a pre-pracking trial thing yet. Trying to figure out what else i really need, do i need a sleeping bad, or travel sheet? Im thinking i might get a travel sheet, its nice to sleep in your own stuff. Thats something else, do i take pyjamas? How many sets? Shampoo, conditionder? or am i better getting this there? I really must learn to plan stuff, i'm always doing stuff just on the moment and then end up bumming my way through it to the end. Got a feeling this is going to be much the same!

Any suggestions to anythin important I might have forgotton will be much appreciated. I got my visa, for OZ sorted. Not done NZ, Cook Islands, America, as those will only be tourist visas. Oz is the only one i know of I need to apply for! I've not really sorted out any accomodation or anything yet either. Need to start getting into gear really! lol, thinking of going and working with elephants for a few days in Thailand now. Its part of an organised trip, thinking this might help with the culture shock! Not the elephants but being in a tour! lol. Its about 3 weeks long altogether but means I can get a bit dirty and hands on! lol. Also finnishes in Karbi or Krabi somewhere in South Thailand, which means I only need to worry about getting across Malaysia and to singapore by myself. And hopefully by then I'd of made some friends lol. If i'm going to do this need to decide soon though, as need to book it, lol. So much to think about I dont know where to start. Really should have started plannig this earlier!

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