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The morning of the 17th September was our day to leave behind the red centre of Uluru and head north towards the erie Devils Marbles.

Being the first up this morning, I made the most of the hot water showers and had a nice long soak, and tried to get the dust out of my hair, nails and flip flops! I was so glad I did, when we had all piled into the mini-bus for our 5 hour drive to the middle north of australia. We even stopped at Alice Springs for 2 hours on the way to make the most of our last chance for supplies (mostly alcohol and internet updates!) Which was devastating really! The few weeks I had been away from access I had really started to overcome my home sickness, and going onto my favourite sites was upsetting.

One of my best friends back home had fallen pregnant, another had a birthday party without me, and others updating me on things I had missed out on! I didn't have time to dwell though, we were soon back on the road, for the rest of the trip arriving just in time for sunset.

I must here mention the flys! Not just like normal house flys, but like flys the size of houses! Ok I'm exagerating! But not much! They were everywhere! Everytime we got out of the bus today it was like a carefully planned army mission, requiring precision and stealth (i hope that sort of means quickness!) to ensure everybody was in/out of the bus in minimal time, and doors opened/shut at the lasst possible second to prevent them into our air-conditioned haven! Our 5 hour drive passed quickly though, now if anyone happens to like flys I appologise and recommend moving onto the next paragraph!, as we spent most of it swatting flys and each other!

We were cutting it fine, but as the van screeched into the Devils Marbles carpark and we jumped free of the van, running to gather amongst the top of the marbles.

The way they are all balanced against each other makes for easy climbing when stacked together, but once at the top, the view was amazing! Everywhere you could see were precariously balanced 'marbles' at odd angles, unseemingly possible but standing like they have been for years! The sun setting over them turning the rocks orange, and peeeking through gaps in the rocks. That was the nicest part, the hardest being to get back down! I managed it though! Knocking my camera against rocks (ouch!), slipping twice and ripping my trousers right down one side! They were in the bin very shortly after!

Once changed and comfortable we cooked our dinner under starlight in true aussie style! Just as well as it was Kangaroo Steak Salad! By the time we had finnished our giggles around the campfire and others had dragged their sleeping bags onto the rocks it was going on 11pm before I could finnaly roll out my sleeping bag, change my clothes (in the middle of darkness) away from the most disgusting and smellest drop toilet in Australia! (I'm guessing its in the middle of nowhere, because the stench is so unbarable no one wants to build a city/town/any kind of civilisation near it!) Settling into my sleeping bag that night under the brightest stars and the southern cross is one night I can still remember so vividally! Especially the guys on our tour, on a marble at least 250 metres away snoring!!!

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Devils Marbles
photo by: margmack