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WOW! why do people not have these laying around in their cupboards at home. Seriously when i've been on holiday in the past you end up taking everything just because you can because of the space in your suitcase, and you never wear any of it, so it works out to be quite pointless taking it. With this, an Osprey 60L (with daypack!) you can literally take everything and more. Im gonna be able to smuggle little people around, whilst having clothes and stuff in this! I was looking online at different forums and things, on different sites, and people keep doing repacks and debating what to take and leave behind because they can't fit it all in. So I got my pack with 7 weeks to go (today) just to i get plenty of time to give it all ago. But now I think i have it sussed, my x-box 360, laptop, clothes (including nice going out and heels!) all my make up, and books/dvd's, photos, pillow, duvet, and shower, sink etc, it's all comming!!! And that should leave a little bit of space to smuggle 1 person! Seriously all jokes aside, Matt you wanna share! (you can carry it!) I'm not taking all the niceities in life, but am worried now that I have picked one that is too big. But when I was looking it wasn't like 60L was particualarly big, there was some going up to 120L! (You must be able to take your car in that one!) And i've got to work out what all the straps are for, some hide the other ones, some attach things, others come of altogether, don't think they'll hang around for long! And i was worried for lack of space! I know i'm ditsy at times, but I'm admiting this one time(hopefully) I might of been just plain bloody stupid!
stephandadam says:
Osprey are great packs but I'd totally recommend an osprey airporter bag too. We've found ours to be invaluable and has protected our backpacks from the dirt and damage that airports cause.

Happy travels.
Posted on: Apr 23, 2008
matt says:
LOL I am going to decathlon tomorrow to have a look at some backpack's just to work out what size i need.

It will be funny to see you with that on your back.
You can get in it and then i can carry you and all our stuff lol.
I will be looking at a 70L + for all my stuff LOL.
Posted on: Mar 27, 2008
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