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Well, its sunday morning, I've been out with the girls & guys from work on Friday for my leaving do. Thats right I'm now jobless for the first time since leaving school! How scary! I have my P45, dont know where i'm gonna file that for the next year? I've got most of my washing done from my holiday. Backpacks comming out of the cuboard tommorrow and i'm of the day after that! So excited! Well would be!

Yesterday me and my mum argued again. She's still not entirly happy about my going. As far as shes concerned, she thought going on my 3 week holiday around the world, would have got 'this silly idea out of my head' (how do you reference quotes) mum, june 2008?

I can't work out what it is, she doesn't want me to go alone, but she didn't want me going with anyone either, she doesn't want me to sell my car, for valuable funds, as she'd rather I have something to come back to! Because as she said, what if 'i don't like it and come back in 6 weeks'? I tried telling her she can either spend the next few days arguing with me or can be nice to me, but either way i'm getting on that plane on Tuesday! With or without my car!  All this arguing is making me think come back in 6 weeks, yeah right, at this rate I won't at all! Its what i want to do, so i'm hoping once i'm there she'll be more happy for me. As far as shes concerned I'm treating this like one big secret, but when i do try talking to her about it, she's not interested. I can't win! I've come to the conclusion i'm not supposed to!

So i leave on Tuesday on a flight by myself to Hong Kong, can't wait. Because i've been now, I'm more excited because I sort of know where i'm going and what to expect, and while i was there i did feel safer, walking the streets than i do at home sometimes. So i'll be in HK airport getting my octopus card! Sounds familiar?!??! Wonder who came up with the oyster/octopus card first? Then i'll be of to my hostel. Which surprisingly, is right in the bottom corner of Kowloon, and in the heart of everything. If i decide to go to the New Territories, then I'll have a bit more of a trek but otherwise everything is easy access. I wanna go up to the Big Buddah and Po Lin Monestray, I missed that last time because of the weather and lateness, closes at 5pm! So will do that earlier in the day when I get there!

I'm not sure what sort of digs I'll have but i'm thinking if they are awful at least I'll know what to expect and can think it can only get better, or if its ok, then I'll be thinking yeah I'll be fine on this trip what was I worrying about! So in a win win i hope. And if its really that bad, There's a hotel on the top 2 floors of the same building which I can book into! lol. Its the Thailand bit which will be more interesting, going to go get a book on that today, so can start reading up a little bit. Otherwise may be a bit lost! Prob should have started sooner. Nevermind, never have been one for planning! Anyway can't sit here in bed all day, got things to do, next time, who know's, I may be in Hong Kong! Woop Woop

andiboi says:
u'll have a grand ole dandy party time in Thailand!!!
...just don't ride those tuktuks that take you to museums and other stores just to get their gas coupons haha
Posted on: Jun 08, 2008
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