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I think i may have allready started a blog, but i'm all very new to this and dont really get where i left it. Left probably isn't the right word though because that would imply i've lost it, which i know i haven't, as I don't even think I did right in the first place. Thats even if i saved it. Which if i didn't means it wasn't there to lose! Im glad im talking myself out of being crazy now! lol.

Im sitting here quite excited, its 7 weeks tommorrow i go on my holiday, which will be my last working day! woop woop, my backpack is being delivered tommorrow, finally, i ordered it a little over a week ago, but i'm guessing with bank holidays and things it was delayed. I had my 2nd set of needles this morning. So i'm almost vacinated against Hep A & B, and Thpyoid. Not bad for someone with a massive phobia of needles. Seriously this can be my first story:

When I was 15 I had to have my polio, diptheria and tetnus(like everyone else)  you know the evil ones they normally give you on a sugar cube if you had a nice surgery!. Except i was so upset and stressed about it, that my mum took me to the surgery with a bucket on my lap, for the reflex action of being nervous. Once at the surgery sitting calmly(I'm reffering to my mum here) one was waiting for the evil secretary to call my name over the crackly speakerphone system, when suddenly being overcome with the urge to run and save my life before it was too late. I had my chance, so I legged it, past all the little old ladies, and sick kiddies to the door, which i took ahold and steped out into fresh air, before boucing down the flower drive, on the fluffy stones, to the little faries at the bottom telling me i'd never have to worry again. well this was my dream anyway. In reality, i had caught my foot on a rug, by the door,(you know the big red ones that are always in surgerys and schools!) and smacked my head on the wall next to the door, knocking me out cold! That was when my mum (wonderful loving person whos a pain in the arse being a fully qualified nurse) signed a waiver and stuck the needle in me whilst out cold! Anway, dont need it again now till i'm 25.

So check me out! I've been a big girl and am getting all my needles done by myself. (I got a new surgery now and they give out stickers!)

Handed my notice in at work today! Woop Woop, never felt this releived. Hopefully nothing gets cancelled now! I don't know if they would have me back! lol. Probably seing it as their only and last chance to get rid of me. I'll prop get a bag of potatoes or something as my leaving pressie! lol. No i get along with the guys there and im gonna miss them, but those i'm really gonna miss are gonna stay in touch via facebook anyway. Hopefully they'll come visit me. Well thats wishfull thinking! (and thats only if i dont make any friends). Im a really shy person, thats been the hardest thing for me. These travel buddy meet-ups on here are great. I went to one in london a few weeks ago and spoke to more people that night than I have in one night in ages. And people were interested in what I had to say. Thats been really hard here. To get excited when no-one else wants to do what i'm doing, or have even thought/dreamed about what i'm doing. Or those who have done it, don't wanna talk about it because they get down about the fact they've done it and aren't doing it again now! Growing up, must really suck! I dont intend to find out for a few years yet! Anway going karaoke now, so might add some more to this later, till then bye x

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photo by: Vikram