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me and belty
This weekend India and I decided to go for a bicycle ride. Aka the drunken tour de Japan. We ended up at a pachinko parlor with a good buzz. I quickly lost five dollars, as per usual, and we left. After pachinko we went across the street to one of India’s favorite restaurants. We had some more to drink and some really good food. We also had an in-depth political debate. That kind of thing never seemed like fun before but I must admit I did enjoy it. Probably because I won, that is unless this is India reading this then uhoh. After dinner we decided to ride our bicycles to Yagoto, witch by the way is all up hill. I think that was India’s idea. When we got there we discovered something we have known all along were we live isn’t exactly a party town.
india and her new bike by the river.
The bars were all closed, and it was only midnight. There was some good news though. The whole way back was down hill. Belty and I love down hill. It was my idea to ride in the street; but not because I was drunk and looking for a thrill hahaha, but because I didn’t want to hit a pedestrian. I forgot to mention when I say drunken bike ride what I mean is two white folk in a land of not many white folks riding around yelling whoooo whooop and wringing our bells as loudly and as often as possible. Needles to say we got some attention. I knew that we were in trouble when India who was in front of me rode threw a red light while swerving back and forth, yelling, and ringing her bell. It wasn’t because she did those things that we got in trouble. It was because there just so happened to be a police officer stopped at the red light on the other side of the road who watched the whole thing. The funny thing is I don’t think they wanted to deal with us, because they didn’t come after us right away. They went up the hill a little ways then decided to turn around. Once they got us stopped they got out of the car and asked us for our identification. Lucky for me I didn’t have my passport. I am supposed to carry it with me were ever I go just incase of a situation like this. The good news is the cops were cool I think. They didn’t speak English and I couldn’t tell what they were saying. Also India was no help her translating skills were severely hampered by the alcohol. While in my drunken state I decided to ask the fat cop if he liked sumo. He didn’t say much but I think he got sumo. It might have been a sour subject. Then I asked for a picture, hay it seemed like a good idea at the time. Lucky for me India said no and I never took the camera out, because if I did I have a feeling we would be in jail right now. I don’t think we got a ticket or any thing. I handed them my drivers license witch I don’t think they could read so they promptly handed it back. They did take down India’s information but I don’t know what they will do with it. After that they let us go. We rode of down a side street I could tell that the cops wanted to follow us but they didn’t. We went straight home and had a good laugh.

p.s.  yesterday i thought it would be a good idea to try to wheely belty. its not as easy as i thought and the alcohal didnt help. hahah. well i just say belty is damaged and so am i. i looped my wheely into a parked car. whooopsy

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me and belty
me and belty
india and her new bike by the rive…
india and her new bike by the riv…
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photo by: ys484