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I cannot remember the last time I walked the whole Lost River trail, it has been a very long time.  I decided to make the best of a beautiful day especially after sitting on the couch at my aunts house for 2 days doing nothing but playing the legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. 

It was a quick drive from my aunts house up to the White Mountains.  My friend and I stopped off at the local information center to get some information on some of the attractions we wanted to visit.  I was hoping to go see one of the bear shows at Clarks Trading Post but sadly they did not open until the following weekend, also on the list was the Polar Caves, The Lost River, The Flume, and The Arial Tramway.

We left the info center and headed for the Lost River and Boulder Caves.

  Remember when I said it was a long time since I visited...well it was so long that I dont remember there being so many stairs, I soo did not prep for this kind of "walk".  Now is a good time to mention I have been off of crutches for less than a week.  We paced ourselves as we explored every cave we could, it helped that i stopped every two feet to take a picture or two.  Since I had lent my cousin both my camera and my mothers I was stuck using my cell phone camera so some of my pictures didnt come out so great but it got the job done. 

We had a great time exploring what we could, the water was running high so two or three of the caves were closed off due to flooding.  Some of the other caves were still a bit damp but that didnt stop us from low crawling on our stomachs to get through a couple of them.

We finished up at the Lost River and headed off to our next destination afterall I have a childhood to relive.

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photo by: jamartin39