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Finally after a full day of driving, and a full tummy I reached Hudson.  I unloaded all of Aunty #1's luggae and my luggage, played musical cars, and then plopped down on the big comfy couch in front of the flat screen and did some catching up.  I bought a new tablet from my cousin a few weeks before and she has been holding onto it for me so I was entertained with my new toy downloading all sorts of apps and testing out the camera.

Whenever the cousins get together shananigans follow, and being that there was alot of enegry in the air for the cruise shananigans were rampant.  There were a few serious moments when I helped my aunt gather all the travel documents and when we corraled everyones luggage so it was all in one place.  Well we corraled most of the luggae Aunty #1 had to repack her suitcase which was no big deal, my cousin on the other had had to pack.

We didnt get so crazy as to go sniping lilacs from the nieghbors trees or anything but we did get just a wee bit drunk.  It was probably about midnight or 1am before my cousin and I who were the last ones standing decided to head off to bed.  I didnt have much to do the next day but she had to work as did her boyfreind, aunty #3, and my brother.  tomorrow I get the house to myself for awhile so I can catch up on my Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.

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So much luggage!
So much luggage!
photo by: jamartin39