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The View from the top of Mt Monadnock

As long back as I can remeber my family has been coming to NH on day trips or weekend trips.  Ive gone through the picture box and found pics of myself still in a stroller being pushed around Story Land, or at Santa's Village.  I can remeber feeding the bears at Clarks trading post and driving down the kangumangus highway.  Stopping by just about every store and getting some of the maple syrup candy or some type of beaded change purse or toy tomahawk and lets not forget the $1 paper fans.  Ruggles mine where I bought a piece of peacock oar.  Climing all sorts of mountains with my aunt winter summer it didnt matter Zcliff trail in the winter coming down was about the easiest hike Id ever done due to the fact I slid most of the way down the trail lol.  I love camping in the White Mountains famous for moose and black bears although to date I have only ever seen moose.  The Polar Caves are always fun is then haning boulder ever going to fall Im not sure what keeps it in place but it is not attached to the rock it sits on they can explain it better than I can.  One time we went up to Mt. Washington with a couple of my aunts and my mother to take and ingloo making class unfortunately there wasnt enough snow so the class was cancled no problem plenty of other things to do!  The flume, The basin, The Old Man on the Mountain R.I.P.  he fell off back in may of 03 a clasic landmark gone but not forgotten just like my memories of NH

Africancrab says:
Congrats on the feature, wee done!
Posted on: Jul 14, 2012
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The View from the top of Mt Monadn…
The View from the top of Mt Monad…
photo by: jamartin39