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I'm going to use my journal that I took with me and memories from pictures to write this, as it has been a year now since I was there. Journal entries are italiced.

Today I learned that I hate waiting on things. Had to wait on Dad for a car. Fido to unlock my phone. Mom to come home and now my flight to board. Just saw the pilots go onboard. Hope they haven't had a drink yet. The only way I'm gaereenteed that I"m at the right gate is the fact that I'm surround by Celtic jerseys and delish accents. Hope I get one. Everyone around me is reading books, mags or papers, while I'm watching "The Phantom of the Opera". I'm getting looks. Not much longer now. Am getting excited. My stomache hurts. I don't want to be sick this time though. I think I'll get some water. I'm parched. See you on the plane!


At Laura's flat. Driving past the Celtic V. Rangers could hear cheering from the motorway. On the way up the roads reminded me of driving up the escarpment. Met Chris, Tai, and Christine. All good people so far. First pictures of the outside of Laura's flat and a cobble land. Flight was delayed 1 hour because of air conditioning otherwise uneventful. Going to the pub!


I know I took a Gravol on the plane, so I took off from Toronto and the next thing I remember is waking up somewhere over Scotland. I flew into Glasgow and I do remember hearing the cheering from the football game from the motorway. That was a really cool thing, because where I live there isn't anything like that around. The motorway, the teams, the noise. Nothing.

Right, so Aberdeen. We ordered in take-away the first night, and since I wasn't used to the water yet, I was very ill for my first three days. As in, nothing would stay in me for longer than 30 minutes. I felt really bad for Laura, as she was trying to introduce me to her friends and I was constantly running to the loo. We went to the pubs every night and apparently Sunday night isn't a big Pub night. There was 8 of us in the dance club, and no one else. Luckily someone did forget an umbrella earlier in the night and when it started to rain, we didn't get drenched. The shopping was non-exsistant. The pubs were pubs, nothing to really write home about. It was interesting to know that almost every building within the Castle Gate was made from granite. We didn't do anything tourist in Aberdeen, mainly because Laura had lived there for 4 months by that point. We walked around and saw the Plaques to WWII, and a beautiful church yard (St. Nicholas Church).  We also walked past statues for C.G. George, William Wallace, Edward VII, and Burns.

We saw some funny street signs (Consumption of alcohol in public is prohibited by local by-law.) in really funny locations (on a Church fence). Saw some interesting pub bames (Illicit Still Pub, Wordies Ale house).

After checking the back balance online, and buying train tickets we were off to Edinburgh!

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photo by: angelmoon