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Wow! The Blue Hole was awesome! I went with Aqua Dive Shop, who came from Ambergris Caye and picked up more divers at Caye Caulker. We dove to 130 ft for about 8 minutes, then came up to 60 ft for another 20 minutes or so. At 130 ft, there was not a lot of wildlife. The main attraction is the stalactite formations. At one time, this was a cave, until the roof fell in. Some of the stalactites were as much as 7 or 8 feet in circumference! I could clearly see the walls of the cave (although my flashlight came in handy). When looking down, though, there was a line where the walls were, but just a blank blue circle in the center. The Blue Hole is over 400 feet deep! We saw grouper (huge!) and a couple of gray caribbean reef sharks. These were all near the anchor point, on a sand shelf aout 25 feet down. From the boat, it is possible to take in the circular edges of the cave, which is only about 100 feet across. We also dove along the barrier reef (the second longest in the world), at two different places: the Aquarium and Eagle Ray. Spectacular diving. Fish school all around the divers, there are tons of coral formations and colorful tunicates. There was a turtle sitting on the coral wall, and a lobster in a nook. I even saw fish swim in and out of anemones! Some people on the dive saw a hammerhead shark, too.

The trip out to the Blue Hole was quite a ride, though. The swells were huge, and it took an extra hour (3 total) to reach the site. A lot of the people on the boat got sick at one point or another (and it was a pretty big ship). I was lucky - I didn't get nauseous, and I spent most of the trip talking to one of the dive masters, David, a native of Ambergris Caye.

Superb trip. Absolutely spectacular.
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