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USA-UK-RUSSIA- CHINA-CAMBODIA- THAILAND- This was my second backpacking trip around the world, and the first one by myself. My advice for those who are considering it? DO IT!!!

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June 1st, 2006San Francisco, California
June 3rd, 2006Chicago, Illinois
June 4th, 2006Springfield, Illinois
June 5th, 2006Springfield, Illinois
June 6th, 2006London, England
June 7th, 2006London, England
June 8th, 2006London, England
June 9th, 2006Stockholm, Sweden
June 10th, 2006Saint Petersburg, Russia
June 11th, 2006Saint Petersburg, Russia
June 12th, 2006Saint Petersburg, Russia
June 13th, 2006Saint Petersburg, Russia
June 14th, 2006Suzdal, Russia
June 15th, 2006Suzdal, Russia
June 16th, 2006Moscow, Russia
June 17th, 2006Moscow, Russia
June 19th, 2006Moscow, Russia
June 20th, 2006Doha, Qatar
June 22nd, 2006Bangkok, Thailand
June 23rd, 2006Bangkok, Thailand
June 24th, 2006Ko Larn, Thailand
June 26th, 2006Bangkok, Thailand
June 29th, 2006Pattaya, Thailand
July 5th, 2006Kanchanaburi, Thailand
July 6th, 2006Kanchanaburi, Thailand
July 10th, 2006Beijing, China
July 11th, 2006Beijing, China
July 12th, 2006Beijing, China
July 13th, 2006Simatai, China
July 15th, 2006Beijing, China
July 16th, 2006Fengdu, China
July 16th, 2006Chongqing, China
July 18th, 2006Xiling, China
July 20th, 2006Shanghai, China
July 23rd, 2006Shanghai, China
July 24th, 2006Shanghai, China
July 24th, 2006Guilin, China
July 25th, 2006Guilin, China
July 26th, 2006Yangshuo, China
July 27th, 2006Yangshuo, China
July 29th, 2006Phnom Penh, Cambodia
August 1st, 2006Phnom Penh, Cambodia
August 2nd, 2006Angkor, Cambodia
August 4th, 2006Bangkok, Thailand
August 20th, 2006San Francisco, California