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Yangtze Cruise, 4-star cabin

I am giddy with excitement to actually be sailing on China's Yangtze River. I can't believe it - a dream come true!

Of course, I had a certain amount of tourist-cheating to go through to get here. I wanted a simple "3-star" type of boat - nothing fancy. But the agent said that "Due to government (something), we cannot book 3-star. You'll have to upgrade to 4-star." Blah, blah, blah. Something about "treating myself to luxury" etc etc. So I was convinced to go with the added luxury. But since I wanted a private room (not wanting to share my cough with a roommate), I then had to pay nearly double the standard rate. But I was content to enjoy some luxury and recuperate in my "4-star" cabin.

Turns out, I was the only non-Chinese on my deck - the 30 other foreigners (on a ship of 200 passengers) had all upgraded to "Deluxe 4-star". Long story short... my room turned out to be the "3-star" accommodation that I had originally expected - but at the "4-star" price.

One of the many levels of hell (although the one on the bottom doesn't seem to mind it all that much, maybe?)

Fengdu - the 39 Hells

The irony of this so-called "Ghost City" is that it once was a very famous temple for dead folk, situated at the top of a very high peak. But now, a protective wall is being built to protect the temple from being flooded. The town surrounding the temple is gone now - demolished by the people who built it. A "Ghost City" indeed!

 But I toured the temple (along with hundreds of others on the ship's tour group), and discover a gruesome and macabre display of the "39 Hells" that a person may encounter if they do not lead a just life. I grew tired of the speech when I realized I was subject to at least 36 of those 39 hells. But the "Hell of the thousand flag-following tourists" was punishment enough for me!

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Yangtze Cruise, 4-star cabin
Yangtze Cruise, 4-star cabin
One of the many levels of hell (al…
One of the many levels of hell (a…
So pretty
So pretty
Another demon from hell. Oh, and a…
Another demon from hell. Oh, and …
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