Frogs, dogs, and snakes: Are you hungry yet?

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"Baked frog ovals?" I'm told that frog OVARIES are a sweet treat here.
I love travel! Something so mundane as going out for coffee can turn into a memorable experience.

At the restaurant, I pointed at the picture of the chocolate cake in the English menu. “No have” said the waitress. So I pointed at the picture of the fruit tart. “No have. Please read words.’ Apparently, the pictures were just items that they WISHED they could offer, but that I must order from the text listings. The only problem was, those words didn't seem to make sense.

Can you see the picture of my menu? (An actual photo.

Cheese cake with CHEESE! Also notice the tomato and cucumber as garnish - on a cake!
) For dessert, I was encouraged to order the “Baked (or stewed) Frog Ovals” – which it turns out, are actually Frog Ovaries. Quite a delicacy in these parts, I’m told.

No thanks. I’ll play it safe with the cheesecake, I guess. Well, I got exactly what I ordered: a cake – with CHEESE on top! Yup, a slice of mozzarella melted over the top of a creamy sponge cake. And just to show how fancy a joint this is, they garnished my “cheese cake” with slices of cucumber and tomatoes, with a sprig of parsley on top. Tasty! (Actual photo below of my cheesy-cake.)

To be fair, I've had some great meals in China. For example, sizzling beef with melon; fragrant chicken in pandanus; and a pumpkin soup to die for! But if you have a taste for something a little less common, how about a taste of fresh SNAKE in a red wine sauce? Or maybe fresh DOG meat, sautéed in a hot pot? The turtle is always fresh, swimming barely alive just near the table. (All of these are available.)

And don't worry too much about proper table manners. The man at the table next to me at dinner tonight apparently had some fat stuck in his teeth, so he did what came naturally – he turned and spat it out, right on the ground.

Bon appetit!

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Baked frog ovals?  Im told that…
"Baked frog ovals?" I'm told tha…
Cheese cake with CHEESE! Also noti…
Cheese cake with CHEESE! Also not…
photo by: davidfeng