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So overall Peru has been quite mild. Nothing has really been surprising, questionable, or life threatening. I feel quite safe here, no bus scares, no riots, and no sexual harassment! Whoohoo....In some weird manner I'm kind of bored. I feel I've been completly desensitized nothing really bothers me or excites me, it's all just a huh, yup, ok, I'm wondering where my enthusiasm went to...I kind of just accept how everything is, and so there's no need to comment much. I think I truly live up to the saying It Is What It Is.

This lack of spunk all could be due to the fact that I haven't really slept in a month, so everything is bite blah, though I did become quite happy when I found a Bollywood-Indian shop in Cusco.

Anyhow I've learned a few things from this trip or just maybe a reminder to myself. I defiantly prefer to travel solo, I'm fiercely independent, and I'm not a fan of the fraternity party hostels, or large crowds of drunken people {foreigners, and I need lots of space. And I can get around perfectly fine without knowing the language sign language does wonders. Basically I realized that I can and enjoy traveling alone, which I was worried about back in the states. I always felt I needed a travel buddy and now I know it's not necessary.

I really enjoy the fabulous people u meet on your way; crazy fun loving free spirited individuals... love them!

So spent a couple of days in Lima walking around, headed to Trujillo where we took a tour of Chan Chan and pyramids of the sun and moon which I enjoyed just for the fact that it was in a desert climate, which I love! Another thing I realized that I really am a desert rat, and I really love Utah and the southwest which still surprises me. Utah is still in my top 3 places in the world to just be.

Ate lots of beans, rice, potatoes, yams, soup, French fries, and fish. I'm not losing any weight here that's for sure -all yummy crabs! And boy do I miss going for jogs with my dog, I can't wait to go home and go running at night in the fresh country air!

So in Trujillo I somehow meet this group of English speaking Peruvian fellows who were quite fun loving, and free spirited which I cant resist. We were drinking pisco sour in the square and watching a min perform having a fabulous time until the cops came and chased us out. So we continued roaming around square to square being harrrassed by these cops, and of course I found this quite entertaining and rather exciting, I also found it interesting the comments made to these few individuals that I was currently hanging with- gigolos and what not- huh made me wonder who are these people, but whatever I was having innocent fun roaming around and drinking the native drink. Lots of Latin love. After traveling around in the middle east and India for a good amount of time I had to remind myself that it's ok here to show public affection. Couples everywhere cuddling, kissing, etc....which is fabulous. Maybe that's why there's so much sexual harassment in the middle east and India -sexually repressed.

So flew to Iquitois in the Amazon. Hot and Humid and So Noisy but overall a very manageable city, but don't count on ever sleeping here in a budget hostel its almost impossible, too hot and too noisy. Went out and had alligator nuggets and some other local dishes which was defiantly the best food ever! Finally some meat, god I love alligator and yucca and banana! Here I meet Tarzan or Jungle boy as I call him. A fabulous individual who I will not forget, AKOOOO.... An individual who's still connected and respects the pachimama, which is fabulous to find these days,,, (I mean there's tons of tree huggers out there but I feel that its just a statement, almost like a fashion trend) So spent the night roaming around the streets with great company enjoying the night skies and smells of the Amazon - kind of surreal.

So one of my goals for this trip was to experience the plant Ayahuasca and Amazonian Shamans. So I forked out a huge amount of cash and stayed at the Refugio Antiplano about an hour downstream from Iquitois in the rainforest. It was a natural healing refugee and shaman sanctuary. We stayed in huts and tree houses, but the bugs and humidity were overwhelming. I was given to drink everyday some horrible tasting cancer preventive tea, since I'm paranoid that I'm going to get breast cancer. Apparently this stuff works, huh I guess well find out down the road. So at night we participated in the Ayahuasca ceremony, located in a large circular hut, chanting, blessings, tobacco smoke, and flower water were all apart of this. Ayahuasca is the worst tasting thing in the world! Anyhow I did 3 ceremonies and was rather disappointed no visions, no throwing up. Just intense mundane thoughts, restlessness, curling up into a little ball thinking that I'm freezing yet I'm totally overheating, and some other unexplainable experiences, realities, but defiantly not life changing. It made me never want to do drugs or drink ever again! The most difficult part was trying to walk afterwards, after one ceremony I thought I was going to die; I was so tired I couldn't possible move and just wanted to sleep in the ceremony house. I went form freezing to want to strip to nothing in a matter of seconds, I couldn't breath, yet was hyperventilating, crying, truly thinking I'm going to die, because I'm not capable of expressing myself , basically I think I was having a complete panic attack, defiantly one of the most difficult times i've had trying to move. Not fun!

So wandered around in the rainforest, did some swimming, saw a pink dolphin which looks more like sea monster than a cute dolphin. Visited some villages which are my favorite in any country. Chilled with the cute cows and family and ate yummy papaya. Picked mushrooms in the pastures. Later on we shared these with the other workers which was another surreal moment- eating mushrooms with the locals, much tastier than Ayahuasca--this had no effect until very late at night, and well was kind of fun and freaky, since my hut was quite out there due to me wanting privacy.

Anyhow after Iquitois took a flight to Cusco, a gloomy yet fabulous city full of cobblestone streets with a very European feel to it. Though breathing is rather difficult here due to the high altitude of 3600 meters which is something like 12000ft. It's like your drunk! And the thousands of steps here are hard to master without being extremely winded, yet your legs become rocks here due the constant stair climber. It's a hike uphill to everywhere. So did a city tour and scared valley tour or the surrounding ruins, impressive but its difficult to truly enjoy and feel the surrounding area when your with a tour group. Ollambaya is probably the most impressive just due to the charming village and massive ruins surrounding the town.

Then headed to Manchu Picchu. 4 days and 3 nights. First day- Half the day on bus traveling through diverse landscapes such as tropical mts to cold barren mt tops with snow. We had some bus issues where we had to fix the brakes which were sketchy due to the dramatic drop-offs. Ohhhh yeah in general the road was pretty dangerous due to all the rockslides, mudslides, and water flooding which was fabulous- finally some thumping of the heart...spent the rest of the day mt biking in the rain through villages and banana and mango trees covered in mud! Fun! Spent the night at very basic hostels, and hiked the remainder of the time on the Inca trail and on some railroads...spent some time at a hot spring, crossed a ragging class 6 river on a cable car,, freaky! Stayed in Aqua Caliente this was a nice tourist town. Headed to Manchu Picchu in the morning our guide was an hour late so we left without him and basically ran up the mt, and yup explored Manchu Picchu gorgeous yet again it's hard to experience that WOW factor when your with so many others. So yup I can check that off my dream list. I feel as I should have enjoyed it more, but then again I can't fake excitement. Petra, Jordan is still on the top with the WOW ness factor...So after a long bus ride sitting on the floor due to confusion of bus tickets I end up back in Cusco with no where to sleep, and everything is booked due to masses of Argentinean tourist. I can't imagine what Cusco would be like in the high season! There's too many tourist as it is in the low season. Anyhow I eventually find a place with a family and continue looking for a hostel the next day. So now I'm still in Cusco just completely relaxing due to lack of energy to travel anymore due to sickness. Went out on the town a couple of nights, to all the clubs which was a blast due to great company and great dancing though its hard to find decent dance music since all the clubs tend to have the same play list. (One law that I actually love in America is the no smoking in clubs, bars!) Had the most expensive fanciest meal of my life in this cute trendy restaurant guinea pig and alpaca with potatoes and wine with a fine young British lad. Guinea pig taste like guinea pig not like chicken...yummy of course but very little meat. Another fun night out on the town. Let see what else--Got one of my wisdom teeth pulled here, took about 5 min. such a simple procedure. And just been roaming around the markets, checking out the poor area, trying all the varieties of street food, and going to concerts. Apparently I'm a big fan of dog on a stick. I've been eating really cheap meat like a kebab on the streets not knowing what it is, though I was just informed that its dog. I never thought dog would taste so good!

So being sick I haven't been too social, yet still want to do something with my nights. It was a full moon night so I thought I would go exploring upwards. So I headed up to the moon following some dirt paths which lead to a forest of ecuylptis trees and ruins! It was truly fabulous! Finally for the first time in Peru I was completely content. Running around in ruins on a full moon night rather romantic, and exciting. I found this more amazing than Manchu Picchu because basically I was alone to wonder wherever I wanted and nobody was around. So hung out at some sacrificial temple, which Id seen earlier on a tour, and kept hiking upwards where I kept finding more ruins which they don't tell u about. OMG there's just tons and tons and tons of ruins! So yes this was defiantly the highlight of the trip! Freedom! Though on my way down I took the beaten path (hence the road) and was kindly offered a ride and was reminded how dangerous an area I was in... Really I'm in the middle of nowhere if nobody sees me it can't be dangerous. Though this made me paranoid so I carried a rather large rock with me the rest of the way..... So yup another rainy day here in Cusco will be heading to the Nazqa lines sometime soon then lima then home........

Hope everyone is well. I'm excited to be returning home, yeah I would never thought I would ever being thinking that.......but really I just want some proper sleep...........oh yeah forgive the grammar and spelling, I'm typing on a very old computer where the keys stick and I'm too lazy to correct any mishaps, plus its all a ramble...........................................................

Took a local bus from Cusco to Nazqa which by far was the most memorable, relaxing, and semi life threatening journey I had in Peru! First of all I was finally among normal Peruvians, nobody trying to sell u anything, and no gringos (besides myself, but nobody knew I was a foreigner on that bus (thanks to dark hair) until I actually had to speak,)……

I could just look out the window and enjoy the ride 16hr drive....Though I was beginning to wonder what I got myself into when they guy next to me makes the sign of the cross, as soon as the bus engines roars, and then the random stop at a church for prayers and blessings for the bus drivers...I was beginning to think I should have took the gringo bus(Cruz del sol) ...anyhow of course the roads are almost impassable due to rockslides, but somehow the bus always manages to maneuver around the boulders without falling off the we passed varieties of geographical areas- from the valley of gloomy, cold, rainy Cusco, to the high mt. jungles, to rainy rock filled fields, to snow capped mts where we pass numerous bus accidents.....

The ruins are everywhere; I want to survey all of Peru! We passed so many unexcavated cities…..ohhhh….

So the man next to me took me under his wing when realizing I didn't speak Spanish. Probably the kindest person i've meet in my life, showed me the ropes, basically where the bathrooms where, what to eat, where to go, and what not, plus he was just helping everyone out on the bus, a genuine gentlemen! Which I rarely see especially in my area of work. Helping the lady with her bag, helping her with her baby, giving injured people medicine, etc....I just loved him!

So arrive in Nazqa! Bargained at a nice hotel to give me a cheap room. Finally I'm in the bright hot sunny no bugs desert!!! Took a small plane over the desert to see the Nazqa Lines, and yup there's a ton of lines in the desert! Huh,,,,checked out the burials,, tons of them and tons undiscovered,,,,,

Had some time to kill ,and I just wanted to walk somewhere that wasn't in the city, so I headed to the Pan American Highway to the aqueducts, the hotel clerk said its not possible to walk to the aqueducts, its too far, too dangerous,,, ahha,,,,nothing is impossible, so I stroll along walking the outskirts of little villages and fields, I expected the pan American highway to be slightly larger and busier, but anyhow it was the most perfect walk besides dizziness due to sickness, me and my ipod on the highway walking to who knows where,,,,so finally arrive to the famous aquaducts,,,beautiful! again I arrive late in the day so no tourist groups,,,, A vender girl showed me around and gave me some much needed water from the aqueducts, I don't know what it was but I finally was at peace here,,, totally calm and relaxed..... Throughout my travels I occasionally meet individuals who just give out the most calming friendly vibes, and this girl was one of them,,, (my grandmother in India, a little girl in the Siwa desert),,,, she was impressed with my walking capability (not many walk here) so she gave me the lowdown on other sites nearby, and I bought a fabulous necklace to remember this most calming moment, and as a thank you for her kind gestures..............

Here are the moments where I just want to live so simply, in a village, wash my clothes in the brook, marry a villager and grow crops, eat simply, live in a hut, have simple fun, and just be...and why not I could do this, but I never do,,, maybe when I get too fed up with America ill end up in some village carrying water on my head, and beating my clothes on a rock near a water source....really it doesn't sound that bad....maybe that's why I married an Indian I just wanted a simple life and never have to deal with the crap I have to deal with nowadays,,,,,,,,ok more rambles,,,,,,,,,,,

head back into town watching the an amazing sunset envious of all the farmers and to the life that I want to live..........

Get back to Nazqa and try all sorts of different food for diner, ummm, don't know what this is, let's try it! Animal organs it is!

So I plan my trip to Paracus another nearby town with lots of sea lions and birds, I pay for my hotel and boat trip ahead of time by some sleazy tourist seeker, who was in love with my eyes and teeth,, huh,, and thought he could get sneak a real kiss in when saying the cheeky goodbye,,, and yeah that's the only harassment I dealt with,,, which is nothing which is fabulous! Middle Eastern men could learn something from Peruvian men!

Paracus Reserve- a small beach town,, relaxing yet not much to do besides relax,,, took a boat to the islands, saw some more lines in the desert, took more fabulous long walks at night (just me and my ipod in the middle of nowhere again.....)

and back to lima,,, where I ran into a friend which was fabulous since I needed a suggestion to where to stay,,,,,,,,and yup Mira Flores Loki hostel,,, not nearly as bad as the one in Cusco,,, rather perfect for a hostel actually,,, u can sleep here and u can party here, and meet people which is part of the fun of traveling............

so yeah I was done,,, done with aimless traveling, I didn't want to see anymore tourist attractions, so I shopped,,, yupppp good ol materialism ,,,,,, and in my few hrs left I meet some crazy foreighners ,,,,,,,,hmmm.....which made me think I sure love traveling! U never know who your going to meet, how your going to feel, or what crazy adventure lies ahead! Gotta love it!
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