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I got the warsaw express to Poznan in Poland. The train ride itself was quite an interesting one. Firstly I reserved a seat at the DB office and went to find my seat only to find that it was a train with compartments! I was in the same compartment as a polish guy and his son who, according to their broken English, had been out for the guys 16th birthday in Berlin. Arriving in poznan it was at one of the main train stations which was quite small and a little more dirty and unkept than the German ones. It was quite good journey overall! I spent the first night there with Aquedita and friends who kindly put me up for the night at her place. 

I was pleasantly suprised by Poznan! I really wasn't expecting a city like that! I have met so many poilsh people living in Ireland who say Poland in general is a c**p place to live as its just so run down and unkept. OK some of the little back streets were full of cratersfrom years of abuse by cars and it was hard to pick your steps through the puddles to at least attempt to stay dry because cars would just go wizzing by jolting around like crazy because of the potholes and would soak you anyway with a shower of dirty pothole muck! Apart from that the city was Quite nice. Modern in places with the older buildings preserved delicatly as they tend to be in most other european cities! Missed the butting goats tho in the church tower! I will be back again so maybe next time!

The first eveining was spent out drinking in the city centre. Cubra Libra was were it started. This is a little salsa club in what seems to be some sort of cellar or dungeon at first glance but when you enter turns into a quaint little bar with dancefloor and few seats! OK Polish girls have a name for themselves for being some of the prettyist in the world but sitting there watching about 50 of them shaking that booty to spanish music was quite a thrill for any guy! Surely made me smile! Ended up leaving there and moving onto some rock bars that were quite good! They played excellent english rock so it was overall quite a good night! 

 I also spent an evening with Hannah (a local girl whom i met in a little rock bar) who showed me Poznan at night. Her tour was pretty amazing and ended in The Dubliner of all places. It wasn't quite playing Irish music but all the local Polish people didn't care.... they kept attempting to irish dance anyway.  The music was in fact by quite a good swing band and the most hilarious thing has got to be the french guy who was completely pissed and swaying like some sort of delussional zombie! I think I managed to pull him too!!! My poilish isnt up to scratch but hannah kindly translated and apparently he wanted to take me away on the Sunday to drink vodka????? No thanks! Kissing on the cheek may be friendly to French people but to an irish guy it it really scary when some french guy puts his arm round your shoulder and leaves slobber all over your cheek! lol! Oh well, thank god Hannah helped me escape! It was really memorable evening and no doubt my visit back there will create some more truely amazing memories!

Aquedita says:
Haha, some adventures you had ;) Glad you loved Cuba Libre.
Just so you know: the goats are on the city hall, not a church :)
Drop me a note if you ever visit PoznaƄ again.
Posted on: May 01, 2008
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