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o.k. , so i've been home for a little over a week and already i am itching to travel again...of course it will have to wait for now due to work, money, etc......i keep trying to relive the awesome onsen expiernce in misawa by sitting in the hot tub at the gym....not quite the same.......the one i went to was at a hotel and it had a hot spring inside the building and outside....the outside part was what was so was chilly and after awhile in the hot spring, mayfield and i actually had to sit up on the wall and cool off....there was a was nighttime.....just absolutely beautiful and relaxing...........the japanese definately know how to relax

so as i recieved two travel mags in the mail mind has started to think about the next trip....well , the next trip will be a road trip, but the next BIG trip is what i mean.....and who knows what i will decide....maybe australia to visit jan.....or i have wanted to go to italy for awhile, but after japan....i want to do something other than europe...although i love europe and plan to go back sometime, i want to do something a little more exotic......i saw an ad for eygpt.....hhhhmmmmmm....pyramids and a cruise on the that would be is a destination i want to see also.......i'm sure the right opportunity will raise its head at the right, i am just anticipating a road trip to visit sweet laurie when she moves to her new home in harrisonburg, va....and probably go see mom in the mountains too........i also got a girlfriend weekend getaway mag in the mail today too..........that sounds fantastic would be so cool to have desiree and heather meet laurie and we all do a nice relaxing girlfriend getaway made me think of trish and i and our time in sedona.....sedona was mentioned as the getaway for arizona....and it was great....we stayed at a fab place right on top of a mountian near the airport....beautiful landscape........tons of people drive up to that area to watch the sunset.......beautiful , beautiful place and an exciting jeep ride through the desert too....cant wait to visit trrish again in arizona

the time is soon approaching to take out the rv again too.....the mountains have been calling ronnie and i a lot lately....especially our fav campground with the river for tubing which convientently is located near lauries new home.....God is good!

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