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The first thing to do after 16 hours of travel..... My new friend and translator insisted we have a beer while waiting for the train. A much needed beer!

Where to start with such an amazing city??? There is so much to see and do that there is no way I could ever fit it into one story or article. Tokyo Tower, the bars in Roppongi, to the Buddhist Temples, its all amazing!!

Most of my time in Tokyo was spent enjoying the night life while I was stationed in Japan from 1997-1998. We used to get off work Friday nights and head to the train station with a big bottle of Chu-Hi (Sp?) and the goal was to drink yours before Yokohama station. If successful, it usually meant you had to jump off the train to hit one of the bathrooms because that stuff goes through you like water. And we didn't wait for stragglers!

Once in Roppongi we usually spent the entire night there until the trains resumed the next morning, after about 1 am there were no more trains back; and well the night doesn't start to get exciting until 1-2am. :-)

Tokyo Disneyland was awesome way back in 1998, look for pictures to be scanned and posted soon.

I also spent New Years of 1998 in Tokyo celebrating at the Tokyo Tower. We attended/watched the ceremony that was taking place in complete amazement, it was very moving. Or maybe it was the mass quantities of alcohol? Regardless I will never forget that night!

I have been back to Tokyo every single time I go to Japan, although most of the time it is on a train in/out of the city to the Countryside. I will post more entries about the other towns I traveled to. But every trip, I make time for at least 1 night out on the town in Tokyo! I highly recommend it to everyone, just be ready for large crowds and hectic streets as it never stops, until about 2-3am. If you want to see the big cities of the World, Tokyo is a must see next to London, New York, Sydney, and San Francisco! :-)

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The first thing to do after 16 hou…
The first thing to do after 16 ho…
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