Can't wait for Chile.

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Can't wait for Chile! The plan for this trip was set in motion some time in 2006. Really I've been planning for it since the day I left Chile the first time I was there but the real steps for this trip didn't come until 2006. I graduated from University got a gig with a pleasing job title "Economist" with the Feds, slaved over statistics and the inflation measure for about a year, traveled to shit towns and lonely hotels for work, and increasingly realized it all had to change. (Including the boyfriend who was sucking the life out of me by taking me closer and closer to what he wanted and further and further away from any of my little dreams.)

Basta! Suficiente! Enough. I saved my little pennies, I enrolled in a teaching certification program (with all the shame of a life time mind you-after so much struggle my family would say "You're just going to be a teacher, that's it? You have 3 degrees, and a brilliant mind.") and by late August I'd landed a job in one of the best public middle schools in Texas, a majority minority middle school that consistently exceeds all benchmarks and all expectations. 2007 to the present has been one hell of a ride! I may have learned more from those kids than they have from me. About patience, what fights to pursue, societal woes, the cognitive development of adolescents, my ability to not only to be fluent but to make others fluent in languages, grading papers, recording grades...amazing, sometimes mundane, and now it's the end of March, Chile is just a few months away.

I spent my "Spring break" sick with pneumonia, but I got some great news in the midst of coughing and fever: My assignment for Chile will be in Santiago, the capitol. I'm going back! It's all been worth while! I can't wait to be there and romp around in the city, wake up to the sight and smell of the Andes (or the thick cloud of pollution that hovers around Santiago in the winter, either way :), walk by the Maipo River, buy leather bags from hippies on the street, eat tortas con aji next to transvestites after a night of drinking, and this time hopefully make it to the North to see the desert, pretend to walk on the moon in the salt flats and gain an entire new repertoire of traveling stories to keep me afloat until the next summer. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!! This time I promise to let loose and do whatever my little sojourning heart desires. Can’t wait for the anonymity of being a traveler, can’t wait to live another existence in another city for at least a short while, can’t wait to make new friends, can’t wait to learn all sort of things about myself I didn’t know, can’t wait for all the reasons one travels.  :)

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