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Santa Catalina Convent

Back in my dorm room, recovering from the trek, can you believe that I met 2 guys from Coverack!! It was unbelievable, I overheard them talking to a girl from Perranporth and couldn't help but chip in. I didn't know them because they were at college when I was there but we talked alot about the people we knew and I caught up on the gossip, it was unreal.

I struggled a bit to find the motivation to do much because I was shattered and I was suffering with my knee from climbing Winay Picchu but I met up with Wilo and we arranged to go to Arequipa, to see the Colca Canyon. Before anyone says anything, we are just friends, he did want me to meet his family and marry him but I declined! We travelled overnight to Arequipa, another horrendous journey but it was worth it.

Santa Catalina
We visited the Santa Catalina Convent which is beautiful, its like a city in itself with streets and plazas painted in terracota and blue. I really enjoyed looking round, some nuns still live there but in closed quarters. Afterwards we went to the musuem to see the mummy, Juanita. She was found at the top of a mountain with 2 other mummies and has been preserved. Juanita was only 14 years old when she was sacrificed, they gave her chicha to get her drunk and then hit her with a blow to the head. It was really strange seeing the body preserved in a case, she has long black hair and a very distinct face. Apparently other mummies have been found elsewhere.

That night we left Arequipa in the early hours to catch a bus to Colca Canyon to see the Condors, we left at 1.30am and arrived just before 6am. I was surprised that there were a few other gringos on the bus, I would have taken a tour if it hadn't been for Wilo. We sat and waited for hours, at about 8.30am the tourist buses arrived and almost on queue at about 9am the condors appeared, 4 of them. I didn't get any photos because my camera has decided not to work again, they probably wouldn't have come out very well anyway. We were about to leave, when I saw Kate and Peter, I couldn't believe they were there because I thought they had moved on. Turns out that they changed their plans and had spent a few days in the jungle, which sounded great. Instead of sitting where we were for another hour or so we walked with them along the road at the top of the canyon, it was like being in the wild west or something. The road was really dusty and lined with cactuses and we saw men on horseback wearing cowboy hats, we hardly saw any traffic until the bus came. After lunch in Chivay, it was then a long bus trip back to Arequipa.

Yesterday I spent the day with Kate and Peter, Wilo had to go back to Cusco to do the Inca Trail again. We said our goodbyes again, I'm fairly sure that I won't see them now because they only have three weeks left. I'm going back up the coast again tonight, overnight, to Huacachina, an oasis. I'll be returning to Cusco to take a trip into the jungle but wish I had done that before travelling to Arequipa so that I didn't have to back track such long distances, oh well.

Boughtonbetty says:
Don't do it Helen!!! (Marry Wilo, I mean!) Seriously though, your report on the Inca trail was fantastic and you look great on the photos. Glad it all lived up to your expectations. Fancy meeting people from Coverack - it is indeed a small world! Relax and enjoy Huacachina. Luv B and T
Posted on: Oct 19, 2006
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Santa Catalina Convent
Santa Catalina Convent
Santa Catalina
Santa Catalina
photo by: halilee