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I finally got away from Banos after a crazy night at the local Karaoke bar. Everynight we have gone to bed listening to the appalling singing from over the road and then heard them being chucked out onto the street about 2am and the shutters going down, so we decided we should go over and check it out with Peter and Kate. If it wasn´t for the music you probably wouldn´t even know the place was there because it was all dark on the outside. At first we were the only ones in there. I got talking to the guy behind the bar, in my broken Spanish and then some more people came in. We weren´t quite ready or should I say drunk enough to start singing, plus most of the music was spanish, plenty of bloody Shakira though, so they started singing first, they love it.

Peter and I then took the mike, Tara and Kate were too shy. It was such a memorable performance that no one can remember what our opening number was. We went on to sing plenty more though, although I should say that Peter did, I just wailed along. It got very competitive between us and the Ecuadorians because you got a score after every song, in their group they had one good singer, they rest were either rubbish or too drunk. We managed to beat them with an ABBA song if I remember correctly! To be fair, I did try to sabbotage their attempts by trying to sing louder than them in Spanish. We stayed till about 3am when we were the ones being kicked out because the bar tender had had enough, the bill came to $13 which was ridiculous for the amount the 4 of us had had to drink. We said goodbye to our Ecaudorian friends and staggered over the road to find the gate was locked, so we had to climb over the wall and then wake someone up to let us in! It was a good night.

We´re all travelling South, although slightly different times, so we will no doubt catch up with them again. Today Tara and I are killing time in Riobamba, there is nothing to do here at all. We´re waiting to buy train tickets for the Devils Nose tomorrow morning, when we´re hopefully going to ride on the roof! Riobamba is a strange place, the bus took us through the countryside to what appears to be quite a run down town. We stayed in a hotel room in the middle of town last night but it´s my least favourite out of all the places I´ve stayed so far.

After the train ride tomorrow we´re moving on again. As I have the time, I´m going to do some research today because I don´t feel like I´ve really done anything in the last week but when you´re not staying in one place for longer than 2 nights a lot of the time is taken up with travelling.  

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photo by: Adrian_Liston