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(July 2, 2006)

It took at least seven hours to drive up to Quebec City from my home. We drove through luminous mountains and foggy skies. Driving furthur and furthur up north, I felt like we were driving off the earth. I've never been this far north of the North American Continent. The actual drive wasn't bad, my father brought his laptop so I could watch movies, etc in the car while the battery lasted. I watched Finding Nemo close to the end of the trip, therefore didn't really look up and look around my surroundings, however I did look up once and declared, "It just looks like home!" But as we got to the actual city of Quebec, I felt as if I travelled back in time. The streets were cobbled streets (?) and the buildings were old and magnificent.

We piled into the hotel and registered our room and dropped off our belongings into a bedroom. The other room wasn't ready, so we went out to dinner and took a walk through the city. There were street performers, and entertainers on the streets. We walked around to look for a restaurant and finally found one not too far away from the hotel. It was a fancy restaurant, but not too fancy, if you know what I mean. We were able to get a table without a reservation. I had the most delious bowl of Mussels I ever had in my entire life (maybe with the exception of the Asain shellfish plate I had at the Lobster Pot back home, on the Cape Cod in Provincetown). For desert I had fried Ice Cream. Only probably have heard of it before, I decided to try, while the waitor raved on about this delious desert, I figured I should try it, I thought to myself, since when will I have the chance of having fried ice cream? As my desert arrived, I took a bite and it was something I've never tasted before. The texture of the desert was so different it was overwhelming. That might sound silly, but when you took a bite, you first felt the fried rough texture of the dough on the ice cream but then slowly bit down on the cold creamy substance of the ice cream.

After dinner we walked back to the hotel and learned that the room we had requested was too small for my brother and I (we're kind of picky about our personal space, we would have to share a bed instead of having two seperate beds, which is what we wanted). We finally got a Smoking room, meaning a room where the previous occupants smoked, however, we didn't smell, or I didn't smell the smoke that much or it didn't bother me. My brother smelled it, but it didn't bother him either.

(July 3, 2006)

The next day we walked head to toe of Quebec City. I really wanted to go to the Plains of Abraham only because I've heard of ghostly hauntings and have studied the Seven Years' War in history this previous year. It wasn't anything extravagant because the plains had a huge concert stage built temporary ontop of the plains, so we couldn't see the full green rolling hills of the Plains of Abraham. I wore a sleveless shirt with a low cut neckline probably the biggest mistake of this entire trip. I burned my arms badly and my chest, so I came home from this trip with a severely peeling chest, but resulted in a nice tan. I was quite happy about that, because my chest was extremely pale since I'm not the type of person to be wearing a bikini in the summer time and I'm not the type of person who tans easily or goes out into the sun often. In fact that was the first time I have been in full direct sunlight since the beginning of summer.

Before the Citadel and the Plains of Abraham I wanted to take a boat tour around the harbor so I can get and coastline look of the city (we did something similar to this when I went to Australia with my girl scout troop). It was a good ride, it was a beautiful day so we could sit on top of the boat and take many pictures.

After a short look at the Citadel and the Plains of Abraham, snapping a few photos, we turned around and headed back to the old charm of Quebec City. My mom and I wanted to go down Artisan's Alley which is a short street/alley that displays the fantastic paintings and sketchings of the local artists. Only previously, buying a painting in the Dominican Republic, I had a new fetish. I loved paintings from different countries and wanted to see if I could find one of Quebec that I liked. I eventually found one after pouring over many beautiful paintings and price ranges, I picked one sketch of a sailboat in front of the Chateau. This sketch along with the Dominican painting are waiting to be hung on the wall, once my room has been redone.

For dinner that night, I had a delious ham and cheese sandwhich and a delious mouse desert. I guess the canadians are not strict about their underaged drinking policies like I'm used to back home. I've been asked numorous times at all the restaurants if I wanted a beer, wine or some other alocholic beverage. Despite my temptation I refused, only because I didn't want to be discovered and some how ended up in a canadian jail for underaged drinking for the rest of my summer.

After dinner, my mom swore she saw a bead shop in Quebec that she wanted me to see. I thought she was crazy because I would've seen the bead shop before she, but I guess I was too hungry to concentrate on anything except finding and getting to a restaurant After walking past the bead shop on the way to dinner, I mumbled that we could go back, I guess expressing how unenthuesastic I was, but inside I truely did want to see the bead shop. We finally found the shop, but it turned out to be a big, expensive dissappointment. All the beads where over priced, they were probably twice as much at home, but hey, isn't Canada more expensive anyways? Also, there was no body behind the counter, so if I did wanted to get something I couldn't pay for it either...

During the adventure, my father and brother waited outside, but my brother discovered an arcade with Dance Dance Revolution and went to play that for a couple of hours.

(July 4, 2006)

The last day of Quebec we spent the morning at a few mueseums learning about the history of Quebec. In one muesum they had a dress up area where you could wear clothing that was worn back in the olden times. It was silly and cute. I dressed up in a long skirt and a white linen blouse. It was extremely warm wearing the heavy clothing. The area also had settings of a bedroom where you could pose beside a coal stove, or you could pose beside the bed, or you could pose beside a fire place. It was quite entertaining, my brother and father didn't dress up as anything but my brother go a chance to build a barrel.

After Mueseuming we went to a really popular brewery. This was my first time going to a bar of any sort and I was hella excited. The bar was empty except for one man and the bartender. We ordered some beer and I had a 16 oz glass in which I slowly drank the beer only remembering how alochol felt when I drank the Dominican beer. I couldn't compare this beer to the Dominican beer at all. The Dominican beer I wouldn't really call a hard liquor it was manly deluted beer with added sprite. Anyway, despite the unusual taste of alochol and the first time drinking of  "hard liquor" (I put it in quotes because I never really had beer before this day with the exception of the deluted Dominican beer) I drank every last drop. Before I left the brewery I stopped to use the restroom and I had fears of throwing up in the bathroom, but my stomach took the alochol pretty well and I walked out of the bathroom with out keeling over and vomitting. I probably would have had to drink the beer quickly and a large quantity of it in order to throw up, but I'm not ready for that....yet.

After the brewery, we walked back to the hotel wearily plunging ourselves into our rooms and putting our feet up or taking a shower, or in my case, trying to take off my makeup that bled in the heat. Asking my brother to see if there was still makeup on my face after spending a good twenty minuets of using a hot washcloth my brother commented that I resembled a prositute. Working for another twenty minuets I finally got a clean face and checked my email on the laptop we brought which hooked up to the hotel internet. I noticed that all the main commercial websites like google, etc were all '.ca' and not '.com' like I'm used to, I thought that was pretty nifty. I signed on AIM and talked to a few friends who where on, but there weren't even ten people on my list, and those who were on had an away message, so I just talked to my friend Emily for a few minuets and signed off. After signing off and giving my brother the computer I turned to my bed and put in the new Quebecois singer, Ariane Moffatt cd I picked up from the local music store, another fetish I have is collecting music from different countries which I find is a much better souvenire rather than getting a keychain or a shot glass (which would have been probably alright on this trip because of the brewery). I put the music on and listened to the soft drone of Miss Moffatt's voice in my ears when I found myself dosing off, I suddenly remember the alochol, and when I woke up I was so drowsy that I just wanted to climb in and go back to sleep (hang over anyone?). But I had to wake up and get dressed for dinner.

I eventually walked off my drowsyness and sat down at a restaurant outside. I ordered a speghetti and mussle dish (which I expected to be like a New England style but learned that it wasn't). The dish consited of the actual mussle (no shell) mixed with fish and shrimp in spaghetti, disgusted by the unusual mix, I grudgingly ate the meal, filling myself to the maximum. I had ordered a appetizer of a cheese plate with different types of cheese (if you know me in person you would know I'm a big cheese head) and was waiting to have french cheese through out the trip. I greedily ate the plate as if I hadn't eaten in days and filled my stomach which was a mistake, because the main meal was the spaghetti dish which was not so pleasing and was a gigantic amount too. However, I managed to eat a lot of it, and enough of it that pleased me enough so when the waitress took it away it wasn't a full bowl. During dinner the clouds started to cover the blue sky and rain started to fall (remember we're sitting at the restaurant in an out door cafe). We quickly finnished dinner and the clouds started to open up, walking back to the hotel was not fun, for we had to walk up many hills and my stomach was so full I thought I was gonna keel over and vomit. I managed to get to the hotel, without vomitting, but arrived in a soaking mess.

maplefanta says:
Hope you enjoyed your journey... and your 'underaged' beverage experiences hehe, Yep I guess like the joke says: '18... is just a suggestion'
Posted on: Mar 14, 2007
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